Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme 2021-2022 - Application Form

Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme 2021-2022 - Application Form

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Any queries, then please email us

Before applying please read the Application Guidance which covers:

  • organisations eligible to deliver the scheme
  • how to complete the application form
  • the application process and qualifying conditions
  • Schedules 1 & 2 of the Terms and Conditions

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Organisation Name
About your Organisation
Web map

We will provide a web map for members of the public to find the organisation nearest to them that is operating within the scheme.  

The details we will publish on our web map are the Organisation Address, Telephone Number and Email address which you have provided.

We will contact you to check if you have alternative details you would like published.

Contact information (for any queries we may have about your application)
Community Outreach

We want to help those most in need to access the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme.  Last year, repair organisations found that coordinating with local organisations (e.g. food banks, housing associations, disability organisations, local charities etc.) could be really effective.

For example:

  • Telling a local organisation about the availability of SCRS slots in advance
  • Reserving a proportion of SCRS repairs for people referred by a local organisation
  • Providing a "pop-up" repair service at a local organisation or with their help

Our Development Officers can help identify and liaise with local organisations for you.

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This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19