Cycling UK in Wales

Cycling UK in Wales works with members, campaigners, supporters and other stakeholders to discuss and deal with matters relating to cycling in Wales. Our Trails for Wales campaign means that we are on our way to being able to cycle on much more of our path network. We're working with our campaigners across Wales to help ensure that the Active Travel Act is delivering quality infrastructure on the ground. We also have the highly successful Welsh Festival of Cycling which is held every year, showcasing some of the best routes in the beautiful Welsh countryside

In Wales, Cycling UK members form member groups to organise rides, tours, events and training, as well as sometimes getting involved in local campaigning.

Cycling UK Cymru runs the highly successful Welsh Festival of Cycling every year and a number of events for the Tourist Competition. It brings together representatives of the member groups once a year in mid Wales and responds to Welsh Government consultations.

Cycling UK has a seat on Welsh Government's Active Travel Board and a Wales wide Inclusive Cycling Forum. We are strengthening our relationships with other cycling organisations in Wales in order to help develop Wales as a cycling nation.

We are the one body which embraces all kinds of cycle use and interests and we welcome new members and supporters whatever their interest in cycling.