CTC member gets payout from Arriva after leaping from her bike to avoid a bus

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CTC member gets payout from Arriva after leaping from her bike to avoid a bus

A 54-year-old cyclist from Garston in Liverpool, who leaped from her bike to avoid being hit by a bus, achieved a financial settlement from public transport operator Arriva.

Mabel Dainty was almost struck by the bus in Liverpool, which mounted the kerb and collided with her bike as it pulled away from traffic lights on the Dovedale Road and Queen Drive junction.

I had to think fast. I could see what was about to happen, although I couldn’t quite believe it.”

Mabel Dainty - CTC Member

Mabel was parallel to the front of the bus and waiting on its left hand side when she realised that it was drawing closer to the curb although it was not indicating. She jumped to the pavement just before the rear of the bus mounted the kerb and struck her bicycle.

As well as aggravating an existing neck condition, Mabel’s awkward landing caused injuries to her lower back and right leg, which required a series of appointments with a physiotherapist. 

She continued: “I was in a lot of pain. Also, my bike is my main form of transport - I was stranded until I was well enough to replace it and take up cycling again.”

As a member of CTC, the national cycling charity,  Mabel  contacted the CTC Accident Line and was represented for free by their law firm Russell Jones & Walker (RJW).

Paul Macbeth, solicitor at RJW said: “Although Arriva has not formally admitted liability, Mable is an experienced cyclist who has been negotiating these same roads for years. It’s this understanding which gave her that extra foresight to see the collision coming. Had she still been in the saddle, she would have suffered even more serious and extensive injuries.”

Contact information 

CTC Press Office
Email: publicity@ctc.org.uk
Telephone: 0844-736-8453

RJW Press Office
Telephone: Katie-Jo Flynn or Lissy Scarlett: 0208 332 9690 or Thomas Cooledge on 0113 243 1117

Notes to editors 

This press release was issued by RJW

Russell Jones & Walker employs over 440 staff (over 229 lawyers) and is renowned as the leading national firm of solicitors in protecting the rights and legal interest of individuals and those who represent them.  RJW has a network of regional offices and includes those in the following centres: London, Birmingham, Bristol, Wakefield, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Cardiff and Edinburgh.


CTC, the national cycling charity, inspires and helps people to cycle and keep cycling, whatever kind of cycling they do or would like to do. Over a century’s experience tells us that cycling is more than useful transport; it makes you feel good, gives you a sense of freedom and creates a better environment for everyone.

• CTC provide expert, practical help and advice.
• CTC support individuals and communities.
• CTC protect cyclists’ interests.
• CTC campaign to make cycling mainstream and to remove the things that stop people cycling.
• CTC help people develop the confidence and skills to cycle.
• CTC promote the benefits of cycling to individuals, to society and to the economy.

Every CTC member is automatically covered by £10 million third party insurance, which will cover costs if a claim is made against them following an accident.  CTC members are also entitled to free legal advice through RJW if they suffer an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence.

RJW operate the CTC Accident Line, which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If the value of the personal injury is more than £1000 CTC will cover all court costs irrespective of the outcome the case and will pay for reports, expert witnesses or transport consultants if needed.  CTC members also always get to keep 100% of compensation and have support of CTC throughout their case.


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