Get Britain Cycling report recommends £10 per head, per year funding for cycling

Chris Boardman, MP Julian Huppert, Dr Sarah Wollaston and Ian Austin launch the All Party Parliamentary Cycle Group report

Get Britain Cycling report recommends £10 per head, per year funding for cycling

Six weeks of oral evidence, hundreds of written pages, and the report is out. CTC welcomes its publication and urges the Government to implement its 18 recommendations

CTC, the national cycling charity, is calling on David Cameron to act on the report, which calls for 10 per cent of journeys in Britain to be made by cycle by 2025 – the current figure is less than 2 per cent.

It has also called for central government spending of at least £10 per head of population per year to boost cycle use, increasing as cycle use rises. London has recently announced plans to spend £12.50 per person per year over the next 10 years, whilst the Dutch are spending around £24 per person per year.

The recommendations of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry echo calls made by CTC in its written and oral evidence to the inquiry earlier this year. CTC President Jon Snow and Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman were among the inquiry witnesses, with other cycling and road safety pressure groups, local authorities, health professionals, police forces and academic experts.

MPs and Peers have highlighted the need for Britain to rediscover cycling, after a whole generation of adults has missed out its benefits for our health, our streets, our communities and our wallets.

Some of the report’s recommendations are inexpensive quick wins, such as getting cycling on the curriculum for secondary as well as primary schools, and making 20 mph the normal speed limit for most urban streets. Others, like redesigning our roads and junctions to be cycle-friendly, will require sustained investment over many years."

Roger Geffen
CTC Campaigns Director

MPs and Peers at today’s launch will back calls from CTC and others for 20mph speed limits in urban areas and lower speed limits on country roads, and a transformation of our towns, streets and communities, ensuring that cycling is and feels safe for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

CTC is also one of several cycling, road safety and motoring groups backing the report’s proposal to make Bikeability cycle training available in all primary and secondary schools, arguing that giving people the confidence and skills cycle safely on the roads is as important as teaching them to swim.

Roger continued: "With growing media interest and with our sporting triumphs of 2012 still fresh in the memory, now is the time for David Cameron to fire the starting-gun for action across Whitehall and throughout the country, to Get Britain Cycling”.

For an overview of the Get Britain Cycling inquiry, and reports of the individual evidence sessions, see the Get Britain Cycling section of the website.

CTC is joining The Times, Sustrans, British Cycling, the AA and other organisations to urge people to sign up to an e-petition on the Number 10 website, which calls on the Government to implement the recommendations.

Questioned by Julian Huppert MP at Prime Minister's Questions, David Cameron endorsed the report, saying:

"We should be doing much more in our country to encourage cycling. I think this report has many good points in it. I would commend what the Mayor of London has done in London to promote cycling and I hope will authorities will follow his lead in making sure that we do more.”

A copy of the report is available below.

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