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Welcome to Flann Wheelers homepage. Is it about a bicycle?

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Flann Wheelers are a Cycling UK affiliated group. The Flann's were founded from a group of cycling friends , members of 'Audax Ireland' and 'Strabane Lifford Cycling Club' embarking on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in 2016. We're not a formal club but a group of cyclists who enjoy getting out at the weekend to try to stay a bit fit, get some fresh air & have some fun on the highways and byways of Ireland and beyond. There are no heroes, no racing, no egos and an ethos of sticking together for safety and practical reasons when we ride. PLUS you must be able to give, take & enjoy plenty of banter.

Is it about a bicycle?

We take our name from Brian Ó Nualláin (Brian O'Nolan) the novelist, playwright and satirist born in Strabane , October 5th 1911. Writing as Flann O'Brien , his novel 'The Third Policeman' is regarded as one of best bicycle centric novels in the English language. Who could disagree with Sgt Pluck 'Why should anybody steal a watch when they can steal a bicycle?' after all 'Who ever heard of a man riding a watch down the road...?'

Information about the group rides 

Given the ad hoc nature of our groups , rides aren't regularly scheduled and are dependant on upcoming events and tours.

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