Report from Chair 2020 and AGM Papers

Report from Chair 2020 and AGM Papers

Chair’s Report for CTC Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders 2020


I remember in January thinking that once this Groups:io changeover is in place, that will be it - sorted! 


We had steered through updated guidelines, ride leader recruitment, rebranding to Cycling UK, GDP regulations, new cycling jerseys, a new website, a new name and a new email group, so what else was there to worry about?

So, when the changeover from Yahoo to was completed in early 2020, we were all looking forward to a quiet year and just enjoying the cycling………………………………………!


None of us could have predicted that this was to become an extremely challenging year.


Our Group Rides.

On 17th March our cycle rides programme was suspended.  We cycled as individuals or households and explored the City of Edinburgh.  In July the regulation relaxed and extended groups were able to meet outdoors and on 10th July we were able to offer informal rides as friends on the email to ride in small groups of up to 5 households. These were informal rides and not published on the website. 


However, on 2nd September we were very pleased to be able to offer formal rides again with a maximum of 15 riders under strict Covid regulations.  The rides were very popular but as the second wave hit, on the 25th October we were reduced to 9 with NHS Lothian.  We valiantly worked out where the boundaries of NHS Lothian were and rides continued, often 2 rides per day in different directions.  Then on December 1st we were down to 7 in the City of Edinburgh, but some ingenious routes prevailed.  On Monday 4th January rides were suspended again. 


However, during the period when we were allowed to ride as a formal group, we managed to offer 46 rides to our members.  I think this is a testament to the invaluable service provided by many of our ride leaders, so the first big thank you in this report goes to those fantastic ride leaders.


I have had many enquiries via our website from new people interested in joining and Ben sends out monthly welcome emails to the new members of Cycling UK.  We have been delighted to see new folk join our rides and can’t wait to get the full programme up and running again and I fully intend to re-organise our trip to Aberlour when it becomes possible.


Our Rides Convenors

Another big thank you goes to Bill Coppock who stepped down from his role as Wednesday rides convenor.  Bill kept a tight ship arranging the winter halls (how we miss them!) and putting together a programme of Wednesday rides throughout the year.  This was a superb contribution to the group and he will be a hard act to follow!


We also would like to thank Marion Rogers who also stepped down from the role of Sunday rides convenor.  We appreciated her persistent and cheerful exhortation which kept a full programme of Sunday rides available and appreciated by all our members.


Alastair Sim was recognised for his contribution to Tuesday evening rides by the award of the Audrey Fyfe prize at our Christmas Lunch in 2019.  Unfortunately, no formal rides were allowed this in the summer when there is enough daylight in the evening.


Incidents, injuries, illness and social isolation and shielding

No incident forms were completed for any of our rides.

Nevertheless, we are always very concerned to hear of any injury or illness to any of our members.  It has been particularly difficult this year to be able to support members who through illness or injury have not been able to ride as usual with us.  Likewise, those who have been maintaining social isolation or shielding.  We have missed you and look forward to seeing you again in the future.  I am certain that many will appreciate the messages of friendship and support they have from fellow members.


Social Activities

The Soup cheese and mince pie ride on 1st December 2019 to North Queensferry was cancelled due to icy weather, but we still enjoyed a delightful sociable lunch at our house.


The Christmas lunch at Merchants Golf Club on Saturday 7th December 2019 was another huge success and we would like to thank Cathy Riley, Marion Rogers and Heather Porteous who did a fantastic job of organising the raffle which raised £365. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the members who gave so generously both buying tickets and providing prizes.  I am pleased to say that the cheque was handed over by Cathy and Marion to the All -ability Bike Club on 22nd December.


Liz Sutherland continued to undertake the organisation of this event which is a significant amount of work for which we are extremely grateful and why she so richly deserved the Edward Zoller Prize presented to her at the 2019 Christmas Lunch.  On 12th December 2020, however she excelled herself by organising a virtual Christmas Quiz.  Zoom, screen sharing, breakout rooms were expertly mastered. We really enjoyed seeing the (where is this?) photos which brought back many happy memories.  There were prizes too thanks to Liz and Gordon and it was a super event all round. Well done Liz!



The changeover from Yahoo to started on 23rd January 2020 and went remarkably smoothly.  The Yahoo group finally closed down 3 weeks later. The site has been very easy to use and there are 179 folk on the currently.  The WhatApp group (7174 contributions) has been a particular source of entertainment through this difficult period and has kept people feeling in touch with each other.


The Committee.

Following the elections at last year’s AGM on 7th November 2019 the committee comprises:

Chair: Janet Ironside

Secretary: Sandy Paterson

Registration: Ben Bate

Treasurer: Alison Johnston

Welfare Officer: Fiona Owen

Committee member: Alistair Crichton


The committee usually meets 4 times a year but this year has been a bit different.  Since March we have had monthly meetings on Zoom to keep up to date with the constant changes, so that we could react as quickly as possible to keep our membership informed and to provide rides when at all possible. 


We followed all the rules required by Scottish Cycling, did the risk assessment, Covid training and kept records.  I have to say a huge thank you to everyone on the committee for all the work they have put in and for keeping the group going.   


And -a special thank you to our auditor Philip Rankin who does a grand job of keeping an eye on Alison’s accounts.

Just to note that the committee agreed that it would not be possible to award the Audrey Fyfe and Edward Zoller trophies this year.


Finally, I just want to say thank you to all those who have sent me personal messages of support and indeed contributed to the Christmas flowers!  Very kind and really appreciated.

Best wishes to all,


Janet Ironside

Chair CTC Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders

February 18th  2021























Janet welcomed everyone to the meeting.




Janet Ironside (Chair)

Alison Johnson (Treasurer)

Ben Bate (Registration Officer)

Sandy Paterson (Secretary)

Fiona Owen (Welfare Officer)

Alistair Crichton (Committee Member)

Gordon Robertson

Sue Robertson

John Manchip

Doug Mackie

Donald Urqhuart

           Bob Fowler

David Lambie

Cathy Riley

Liz Sutherland

Clare Swindells

Duncan Ross

Yvonne Clegg

Brian Donaldson

Heather Porteous

Peter Valente

Hilary Maxfield

Jan Ure

Kristine Munsterhjelm

Brian Curtis

Iona Macleod

Peter Martin

Robert Virtue

Clare McDonald

Colin Stevenson

Stewart Nichol

Philip Rankin

Anna Paton





Marian Rogers

Judy Cantley

Goff Cantley

Peter Hawkins

George Diponio

Bill Coppock

Roseanne Murphy

Deric Oliver

Joan Aitken










The Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting on 17th November 2019 were accepted as an accurate record of that meeting.





There were no matters arising from the previous AGM






The Chair, Janet Ironside, advised that her Chair’s Report had been circulated with the papers for the meeting but for the benefit of those members who had not had the opportunity to read it she read through it and in addition expressed her thanks to her fellow Committee members, rides leaders and rides conveners all of whom had contributed to the success of the club throughout the year.It has been a particularly testing year with the pandemic and many members have stepped up and contributed to the functioning of the club in spite of the many and varied restrictions.

In particular Janet thanked Bill Coppock and Marian Rogers, who have stepped down as Wednesday and Sunday Rides Conveners, for their sustained and enormous contributions to the club.






Alison referred to her report which had been circulated in draft form. This is because Cycling UK have changed their financial year end from the end of September to the end of March. Alison noted that £80 from halls contributions was lodged in the account for safekeeping purposes only. Next year the report will be complete as the AGM will be in April 2022.






Philip Rankin agreed to continue in the role of auditor having been proposed by Janet.






The following agreed to re-election to the Committee:


  • Janet Ironside, Chair
  • Alison Johnson, Treasurer
  • Fiona Owen, Welfare Officer
  • Ben Bate, Registration Officer
  • Sandy Paterson, Secretary
  • Alistair Crichton, Committee Member



               Janet informed the meeting that anyone who would like to join the

               Committee should approach any of the Committee members for more    

               information about what is involved - this applies at any time in the




  1. AOCB





Following the theft of several bikes belonging to two members from dedicated bike sheds Ben wrote to the Chief Constable to ask what degree of priority the police gave to bike theft.

There was a positive response and a MS Teams meeting has been arranged for Thursday 25th February hosted by Cycling UK. Members should email Ben for the link to attend this meeting.

The main points made by the police included:

  1. Produced and promoted videos focusing on garage/shed bike security.
  2. Contact with Housing Associations, Registered Social Landlords, architects and construction in an effort to improve cycle storage.
  3. Promoting bike marking events using BikeRegister in partnership with City of Edinburgh Council, Sustrans and NHS Lothian.
  4. Liaising with Sustrans, Spokes and Cycling Scotland to promote cycle security.
  5. Engagement with victims of bike theft to provide advice on secure storage.
  6. Promotion of BikeRegister and Crimestoppers messaging on social media.
  7. Setup of ‘Operation Agora’ to investigate bike theft criminality.


The full text of Ben’s Presentation is attached below.







      ANDREW ABBESS – Chair of the New Scottish Advisory Committee for Cycling.


Janet welcomed and introduced Andrew to the meeting.


With the aid of slides Andrew explained how the new Committee had evolved and what it attempted to achieve. Salient points included:

  1. The Old Cycling UK Committee ‘member group’ was dissolved in July 2020 and the New National Advisory Committee for Scotland was introduced.

The New National Advisory Committee (NNAC) can do everything the Old Committee could do, and in addition is recognised by the Cycling UK Board of Trustees as ‘committee to advise, inform and be a critical friend to the UK Board’. The Trustees do not have to do what the NNAC says but they do have to listen.

  1. The Committee is able to recognise volunteers who have made outstanding contributions.
  2. The Committee aims to enable ‘millions more people to cycle’ by:

Growing a bigger more diverse volunteer network

Improving interactions with groups

Expand behaviour change programmes

Influence a wider range of people

Be responsive to the needs of different places

  1. The following Actions are planned to implement the strategy:

New Cycle Advocacy Network

Recruit volunteers and co-ordinators

Offer training – Cycle by design rewrite.

Monthly update by SMS and email.



Andrew fielded a question form Janet on Cycle by Design – this relates to infrastructure, e.g., dedicated cycle lanes.


Peter Valente felt that the advice given to cyclists – formal and informal groups - had been confusing and at times contradictory during the pandemic. Andrew explained that the Scottish Government and Sports Governing Bodies decide what advice is given and not voluntary committees.


Brian Curtis and Ben commented on the social nature of CTC cycling and the possible re-instatement of certain events, for example a 100mile event, respectively.




SUZANNE FORUP - Head of Cycling Development for Cycling UK



The Chair welcomed and introduced Suzanne to the meeting.

Suzanne, with the aid of slides, outlined the Cycling Development activities of Cycling UK with particular reference to situations generated by the pandemic. The activities are summarised as follows:


  1. Big Bike Revival for Key Workers – In excess of £160k was dispersed to bike shops and community organisations to help over 2,000 key workers.
  2. Bike loans for key workers and families – 70 cycles loaned across Scotland for teachers, care home workers, supermarket staff, nurses and many other key workers.
  3. Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme – £1.5 million to shops and retailers for cyclists who need help now – no vouchers or online applications.
  4. Supporting community cycling organisations with Covid related advice and guidance.
  5. Policy and campaigns – Spaces for People temporary infrastructure, Cycling UK in Scotland Holyrood campaign, increase in Active Travel budget and Cycle Advocacy Network.
  6. Planning for uncertainty – 3 new programmes for 2021 funded by Transport Scotland.


Suzanne noted that campaigning, positive social media and reaching out to friends would keep people on their bikes post Covid in reply to Janet’s question.

Ben asked about the Bothy scheme - it involves walking and cycling to enhance coherence in communities, currently in 3 locations.


The Chair thanked Andrew and Suzanne for their informative and interesting presentations.




  1.       DATE OF NEXT AGM


The next AGM will be on Thursday 21st April 2022