Frequently Asked Questions i.e. FAQs & Enquires

Canal tow path is a useful traffic free route at times

Frequently Asked Questions i.e. FAQs & Enquires

Can I come out and try out a ride or two with you before I join officially?

Yes of course – you will be be made very welcome!

We do say to non members that after three rides with us we would expect any new riders to join the club .

Invitations and details of each ride are sent out by email to those signed on to (details here) and if this is the first time you come out, you might find it helpful to make personal contact with the ride leader by email or text. The ride leader will ask for your ICE contact details and perhaps about your previous cycling experiences.

Please read our Safe Riding Guidelines before you join, so that you feel comfortable and safe on the ride. 

How fast do you go?

This depends on things like weather, mechanical incidents, terrain, time of year etc, but we do attempt to give an indication of our average speeds in the “Runs Information” section.

Do I have to be able to fix a puncture?

It is not essential but it does help a great deal if you can manage to replace an inner tube by the side of the road.

Experienced riders will help however if you cannot do it yourself and as a rule riders out together on a run will always do their best to help anyone in mechanical difficulty.

However, you are ultimately responsible for looking after yourself and getting yourself home.

What should I bring with me?

Snacks to keep you going and if you are out all day you may well want to bring a packed lunch and/or a flask. We also have occasional cafe stops.

Basic tools (puncture repair kit and at least 2 spare inner tubes, allen keys or spanners).

Lights required outside of summer.


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