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Welcome to the Cycle Advocacy Network

Do you want to help get more people cycling? Do you want to share the joy of riding a bike? Do you want to see real change - with separated cycle lanes, safer roads, and shops, offices and homes accessible by bike? So do we!

The Cycle Advocacy Network (CAN) brings together people with a shared interest in creating the conditions that enable more people to cycle, including better infrastructure for cycling and safer roads.

The CAN resources, events and tools on this page are open to all, and there are specific ways to get involved listed below. If you'd like more detail, please read the Introduction to the Cycle Advocacy Network - and join us on the journey to get more people cycling.

Latest actions

Action Summary Where/who Get involved

COP26: write to your council’s cabinet member for transport, to ask them what they’re doing to enable more people to cycle, and that they grasp this opportunity to help tackle climate change.

International decisions have been taken in Glasgow, but they aren’t the decisions which are going to make cycling safer and more accessible where you live – only local politicians have that power. That’s why we must now maintain this momentum and shift our focus to the local levers of change.
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UK wide

Write to your Council's transport lead

Consultation on Road Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland to 2030

The Department for Infrastructure has launched a public consultation on a new proposed Road Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland. The consultation invites views on the proposed approach to road safety until 2030 and the issues and priorities that need to be addressed. The consultation closes on 10 January 2022.

Northern Ireland

Have your say

Welsh active travel consultations - feedback on your council's plan

All local authorities in Wales have been consulting on planned improvements to their walking and cycling routes as required by the Active Travel Act. Don't miss this opportunity to share your expertise about your neighbourhood.
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Leave your mark

Help fix our failing road traffic laws

Cycling UK is calling on the Government to fix our failing traffic laws by amending the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which is currently passing through Parliament. You can help, by asking your MP to write to the Minister.


Take action now

Research and recover lost rights of way

There are thousands of historical rights of way were recorded incorrectly when councils were compiling their official maps in the 1950s. However, the public’s right to ride on them still exists. It hasn’t just disappeared because they’ve been marked incorrectly on a map. Discover and recover lost rights of way near you.

UK wide

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Cycling champions

If you’ve ever spoken up for cycling, tried to influence your local council, or cycled your child to school, you're already a cycling champion.

Add your name to our growing community and receive information about upcoming events in CAN; including webinars and workshops, surgery advice sessions, and campaign action suggestions that will help you build momentum locally.


Volunteer roles

By volunteering for Cycling UK as a local rep or regional coordinator, you can maximise the impact you can have in your area.

Become a local representative of Cycling UK and join our forum for local campaigners. Ask questions, share advice, access the expertise of the hive mind.


Become a local representative


Whether you’re calling on your council for safer roads, working with local parents for routes to schools, building a local movement for active travel, opening up off-road access or responding to consultations - other people will be working on similar issues across the UK. Your time is precious, your insights are valuable. 

If you already have experience in local campaigning and want to help lubricating the chain links of the Cycle Advocacy Network, join us as a regional coordinator, providing support and oversight to local representatives in your patch.


Join as a regional coordinator

Resources for local campaigners

We have an easy-to-read campaigning handbook, an expanding toolkit of ‘how-to’ guides, links to Cycling UK’s views and briefings as well as suggestions of other people to link up with.

Local contacts in the Cycle Advocacy Network

Are you looking to speak up for cycling in your community? Do you want to connect with someone nearby? This is a map of the local representatives in our growing Cycle Advocacy Network that have chosen to make their contact details public. Select a map pin to find the details for people near you. These are useful contact points who can support you with local campaigning issues.

If you are interested to find out more about becoming a Local Representative yourself, please email Stephen Dominy or apply online.