Young Mountain Bike Leader

Young Mountain Bike Leader

Course outcomes 

Young Leaders are able to support and assist Leaders taking groups out with particular skills in:

  • helping to prepare the ride and participants
  • checking bikes and equipment before the ride
  • running skills games to identify and support participants riding development
  • communicate effectively and support participants
  • being in the right place at the right time to help the ride run smoothly - finding stopping points and helping with leader positions
  • sorting minor maintenance and navigation issues
  • helping with incidents and obtaining specialist assistance
  • helping to finish and review the ride and put equipment away
  • review own contributions to the ride or session

Many of the people attending these courses are using it as part of extra curricular development, or internal school time where the focus is on gaining vocational qualifications.

Key content 

The Young Mountain Bike Leader is the First Course in the Mountain Bike Leader Programme.

Ideal for those of 14 to 18 years of age, this course initiates the development of some of the personal and team working skills you will need in later life, using the context of mountain biking.

Cycling UK's Young Leader course enables you to assist in the leading of groups on gentle terrain - less than 600m above sea level and without the need for riders to negotiate technical terrain (obstacles like tree roots, drops etc.)

The course helps develop riding skills as well as personal attributes such as independence, technical skills, confidence, communication, teamwork and enthusiasm.

During the course you will explore the tasks needed to organize, lead and review a Group Ride. This will include writing a risk assessment and operating procedures, planning a suitable route planning and selection.

The course helps develop riding skills as well as personal attributes such as independence, technical skills, confidence, communication, teamwork and enthusiasm.

The Young Leader Award also initiates you into the world of leading groups. You can then help and assist Leaders and their groups with leading rides, setting up games and building skills in others.  It is often used as progression from the Go-mtb awards.

The Young Leader Award can be combined with a vocational or applied educational learning process such as ASDAN or individual schools programme to show that you can achieve a good level of ability in specific roles.

For mountain bike leaders, young leaders are invaluable. Helping manage the groups, deal with skills, maintenance and emergencies, the role of the Young Leader is wide, varied and resourceful. Many leaders search out good Young Leaders, as assistants are essential when taking out groups of young people.

Skill level 
Confident off road rider.
The terrain limitations will vary according to your abilities and experience, from road, trail and technical terrain.
Combined training and assessment.

Before attending a Young Leader course, you should:

Have at least three months' experience of regular riding in at least trail terrain. This should be a minimum of 20 rides. Have an interest in mountain bike skills. You may also find it useful to have completed one or more of the Go-mtb Awards prior to your Young Leader course.


After this course and once you are 18 years of age, you may be interested in going on to Trail Leader Award or SI Urban course to become a leader or instructor.

Group size 
8 hours over one day