Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

Cycling UK wishes to achieve and maintain the highest standards in carrying out its various activities and therefore takes complaints very seriously. Accordingly, Cycling UK Trustees have set the following objectives for handling complaints.
  • To respond to complaints quickly and efficiently
  • To deal with the complaint at the lowest practicable level consistent with natural justice.
  • To safeguard the legitimate interests of parties to the complaint and the process.
  • To be informal, non-juridical but be, and be seen to be fair.
  • To reach a clear conclusion that will be communicated to the complainant.
  • To advise the complainant of the relevant appeal procedure if they are unhappy with the decision.

This procedure does not affect the complainant’s statutory rights.

Cycling UK therefore has a full complaints procedure and a disciplinary code that represents a minimum standard of expectation that will apply to all complaints and disciplinary procedures at any level within Cycling UK . A full copy of the procedure can be obtained below.

Monitoring complaints on the forum

The Board of Trustees have debated the monitoring of complaints on the forum a number of times.

On each occasion the subject has been debated it was concluded that staff could not effectively deal with complaints raised on the forum, a policy that is also applied to members’ letters to Cycle magazine. Moderators and the Editor have been briefed on this policy and asked to remind users of the procedure whenever appropriate.

The main reasons that staff should not participate were:

  • The forum cannot provide adequate record keeping, privacy or data protection controls which are provided by the complaints procedure.
  • Some of our services such as insurance are externally regulated and we have to respond directly to the complainant.
  • The forum is a place for debate and comment, the Board felt it is an inappropriate use of staff time to have debates about complaints in this environment.
  • Staff work to the policies of Cycling UK and it is inappropriate for staff to be commenting on policy in this environment.

Help us

First and foremost please make sure that the relevant part of Cycling UK knows if you have any issues at all with our service so they can be recorded and dealt with at source.

If you do not get a response or you are not happy with the answer you have received, contact the Chief Executive.