Cycling and air travel

Cyclist at airport. Photo: Cycling UK
Cyclists at airport
Cyclists at airport

Cycling and air travel

Policy Key Facts 

The main problems for people who travel by air with their cycles are:

  • Not being able to find cycle-friendly routes to and from airports
  • Complex, multi-step booking procedures
  • Lack of information about how to prepare a cycle for carriage on a plane
  • Check-in disputes about whether the cycle complies with an airline's stowing conditions
  • Damage to cycles during handling
  • Mislaid or lost cycles

Unfortunately, several airlines still fail basic cycle-friendly tests. Please let us know about any good or bad experiences

Cycling UK View 

Travellers who take their cycles by air need:

  • Easy, well signed and safe access to airports, and secure, convenient cycle parking
  • A simple booking procedure with as few steps as possible
  • Clear information on charges
  • Clear, accessible information from all airlines on their websites, booking forms and at the airport to show unambiguously how cycles should be prepared for the flight
  • Well-briefed staff /contractor, so that people who know they have complied with the airline’s conditions don’t have any check-in problems
  • A basic standard for cycle packaging and cycle handling agreed with all carriers and with all ground handling service staff / contractors
Some people have trouble-free journeys when travelling by air with their cycles, but others are not so lucky.