The Big Bike Revival

The Big Bike Revival is all about helping everyone and anyone to begin or return to cycling through a programme of FREE activities and services, delivered by organisations who are part of the community and address local needs
Aiming to make cycling accessible to everyone

The Big Bike Revival is a behaviour change intervention with a vision to make cycling accessible to everyone. Our mission is to deliver free events that enable a community to start cycling through fixing bikes, teaching skills and leading rides.

The programme is funded by Department for Transport, supported by local authorities and together we address a clear set of aims and objectives:

  • Encourage people who don’t already, to cycle
  • Encourage people to cycle more often
  • Increase short cycling journeys
  • Improve the perception of cycle safety
  • Improve peoples confidence to cycle

The intervention is rolled out nationally in England through a programme of events that are FREE to beneficiaries and delivered locally by community led groups and organisations. Events have a common focus to deliver fun, social and inclusive activities and services that present cycling as a practical and normalised everyday behaviour.      

When I first went out I was scared because it had been a long time since I had done it. I was knackered when I got to the end of the ride but I keep going out and now I am noticing I am going further and getting fitter
Eric Daye, Big Bike Revival beneficiary
Based on behaviour change theory

The programme is guided by the COM-B model; a comprehensive theory of three interactive behavioural elements: Capability, Opportunity and Motivation.

Big Bike Revival events provide solutions that enable behaviour to change and cycling levels to increase.

  • Learning to increase knowledge and skills to ensure that people have the Capability to cycle.
  • Fixing bikes and embedding delivery locally to ensure people have the Opportunity to cycle.
  • Rides that are social and normalise cycling to ensure people have the Motivation to cycle.       
I used to commute every day but I never used my bike for fun, but lockdown transformed the way I saw cycling. I was getting up at 6 or 7am and going for a ride. It was so quiet and peaceful and the English scenery was fantastic too
Maggie Mitchell, Big Bike Revival beneficiary

The Big Bike Revival is awesome!

Helping people cycle during a global pandemic

In response to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, cycling played a vital role in enabling everyone to get around by bike safely, while maintaining social distancing. The Big Bike Revival was adapted to keep people on their bikes by delivering Dr Bike events. 

Find a current event in two steps

  • Step one: find a delivery partner near you
  • Step two: contact them for their latest event info and how to take part