Women's Festival of Cycling: round up

Riding through London for the launch event of the Women's Festival of Cycling

Women's Festival of Cycling: round up

The Women's Festival of Cycling took place throughout the month of July. Cycling UK's Christina Bengston takes a look back on the festival, what we've achieved and where we go from here.

The launch

The Women's Festival of Cycling began with a launch event during which over 150 women rode through the streets of London to Parliament. 

People of all ages, abilities and backgrounds attended the event to mark the start of the month long festival, including women from the cycle industry, media and inspiring females profiled through our 100 Women in Cycling list.

After the cycle ride, guests were invited to a Parliamentary reception to listen to inspirational women, including TV presenter Angellica Bell, speak about their cycling experiences.

Baroness Barker, Angellica Bell and Isla Rowntree
Baroness Barker, Angellica Bell and Isla Rowntree

Read more about the launch event.

100 Women

Cycling UK's 100 Women in Cycling list, now in it's third year, celebrates inspirational women and recognised in celebration of the amazing work they have done to inspire other women to cycle. 

Women on the list contribute to cycling in many different ways. From sports stars to community champions, the 100 Women in Cycling list recognises the incredible diversity of women who cycle.

100 Women in Cycling
100 Women in Cycling

View our complete list of 100 Women.

The festival

During July over 100 events took place around the country including riding skill sessions, community events and female friendly rides. 

Women's Festival of Cycling events
Women's Festival of Cycling events

The pledge

It’s estimated that only a million women in the UK cycle regularly, that's just 3% of the population, with many more bike journeys made by men than women.

The Women's Festival addresses that imbalance by inspiring more women to get in the saddle.

A recent poll carried out by YouGov on behalf of Cycling UK that found that 36% of women said they would be inspired to cycle more with the encouragement of friends and family.

So we challenged every cyclist in the UK to enlist at least one more woman to start cycling through July.

The Women's Festival may be over but you can still make a pledge to encourage another woman to cycle.

Clair Goddard
Clair Goddard takes a group of women cycling

More about the pledge.

What next?

Your next challenge

If you took part in our Women's Festival this year and are looking for your next challenge why not...

  • try the Rapha Women's 100. On 14 September 2019, women all over the world will ride 100 kilometres in one day, making lasting memories, forging new friendships and inspiring each other to achieve a collective goal.
  • join a Cycling UK challenge ride. The annual challenge ride series is a great way to see the countryside with like-minded people. There are rides of varying distances up and down the UK for riders of all abilities. 

Start cycling

If you're looking to take up cycling or return to riding, you don't have to wait until the Women's Festival 2020 to get support! Cycling UK has member clubs up and down the UK which are great places to pick up on both advice and encouragement for your cycling life.


While our Women's Festival of Cycling for 2019 had come to close, we couldn't finish without saying "Congratulations!" to this year's most inspirational cycling woman: Fiona Kolbinger! On 6 August, Fiona became the first woman to win the 4000km Transcontinental Race beating a strong field of both men and women. It was also her first long distance endurance race. 

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Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19