Making new year's resolutions and small acts of cycling kindness

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Making new year's resolutions and small acts of cycling kindness

It’s a brand new year and time to make some resolutions that will make your cycling life even better. Cycling UK's Victoria Hazael has some suggestions of new things you can try and small, simple acts of cycling kindness.

Every year many Cycling UK members plan epic adventures, ride Land’s End to John o’ Groats, break a world record or do every single one of our Challenge Ride series of sportives, If that seems a bit hardcore, remember you don’t have to decide to do that if you don’t want to. 

Here are some simple suggestions of things you could commit to do in 2019 that will bring you joy. If you are not great at keeping to resolutions (and come February let’s be honest who is) just pick one and give it a go.

Give a little time to help improve cycling

Cycling UK has thousands of volunteers across the UK who all give a little bit of time to help cycling. Why not volunteer and give the gift of time to help an outreach project, cycling group or a campaign.

Help a friend

We all have a pal with a bike that’s stuck in their shed with a flat tyre, they say they’d love to come for a ride but they just don't know how to fix it. It’s time to be a hero, so grab your pump, spare inner tube and a multi tool and head round to help. Alternatively, take a friend who is a bit nervous about cycling out for a simple traffic-free ride.  

Make new friends

It’s great to ride alone, but it’s even better to ride with others. Joining a group gives you momentum to get out on your bike on a regular basis and is a great way to meet new people. It’s easy to find a group near you as there’s hundreds of local groups and cycling clubs to choose from.

Share your bike(s)

Your bike(s) may be your pride and joy, but many people who don’t have a bike or have a badly designed bike haven’t experienced the joy of riding a really nice bike. Be generous, when someone you know mentions how nice your bike is, take the compliment and offer them a go (if you have a spare bike you could always ride with them).

For the next generation

Many of your friends and family will have children or grandchildren with bikes but no one to show them how to look after a bike or even how to ride. Share your skills and encourage the next generation of cyclists. There’s lots of advice and how to learn to ride videos in the Family cycling section.

Create a cycling community where you live

You could moan there isn’t a decent cycling club that you’d like to join where you live. Or you could set one up – it’s easier than you think. Cycling UK’s network of local groups is growing in diversity and we’d like to help you to create a club where you live.

Improve cycling where you live

If you want better cycling infrastructure, why not support your local cycling campaign group or if there isn’t one, with the help of Cycling UK you could set one up.

Learn new skills

Learn something new in 2019, Cycling UK has an extensive range of courses to help you learn anything from basic and trailside maintenance to First Aid and Mountain Bike Leader Expedition.

Out with the old

Have a clear out and pass on old bikes, bits and tools to your nearest bike recycling centre. If you aren’t using a bike, but don’t want to get rid of it you could lend it to a friend.

Go somewhere new

Try a new route with our journey planner or take a look at our 140+ routes all with GPX files.  

Pay someone a compliment

If you know someone who inspires you to cycle or helps you - tell them. You’ll make their day and will encourage them to carry on.

Strike up a conversation

Do you see the same cyclists on your commute to work every day, why not say hello? Try asking about their bike or journey and remember to really listen to their reply.

Buy a treat for a cycling stranger

Get a warm drink for a cold cyclist this winter and it will be heartwarming for you.


It’s natural to grimace as you cycle up a steep hill, so remember to take a deep breath at the top and enjoy your ride, smiles are catching too.

Have a wonderful 2019. 



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You too can champion cycling in the UK
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