Bants, Bikes and Being Female: Series 2

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Bants, Bikes and Being Female: Series 2

Packed to the rafters with information, top tips, and plenty of laughs, Cycling UK's women's chat show is back with a bang for a second series.

Following the success of the first series of Bants, Bikes and Being Female, Anna Glowinski is back with a host of experienced guests to help bridge the gender gap in cycling, and encourage you to keep cycling through winter. 

Set your reminders for the following live panels:

Everything you need to know about cycling through the winter

Thousands of women started cycling this summer during the sunny confines of lockdown. Now our experts are here to light the way for those wanting to continue in the darker, colder months ahead.

From what to wear, to the dangers of invisible ice, the return of our panel show was enlightening and entertaining.

Guests were: Fran White, Charline Jones, and Silvi Vargas.

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Are you scared of (cycling in) the dark?

Cycling in the dark or low lighting can be an exhilarating experience, but that doesn't mean that it has to be risky. At this time of year, learning to deal with gloomy conditions can help you continue to cycle safely and enjoyable.

There are also laws that every cyclist should be aware of. Join our panel of cyclists who will talk you through the do's and don'ts whether you're a hardened all-weather cyclist, or a self-confessed fair-weather rider.

Guests: Fran White, Charline Jones, Lorraine Dixon and Jenny Box.

Friday 20 November, 1-2pm GMT

Looking after your bike in winter

Winter can be hard on our bikes, but there are ways to keep them from hibernation in the shed until spring.

Look after your bike and you'll be able to keep cycling through the winter and extend the life of your bike.

Join our lively panel of regular guests who will show you that whilst your chain should never be dry, neither is the topic of bike maintenance!

Guests: Fran White, Charline Jones, Silvi Vargas and Vicky Balfour.

Friday 27 November, 1-2pm GMT

Motivation to ride in the miserable months

'Just one more snooze!' Guilty? Us too.

Our expert guests have seen and heard every excuse in the book, and we're all guilty. Nothing will get past our panel in this motivational episode, which will inspire you to send those excuses packing, and get you out the door and onto the bike in 5 seconds flat (or at least messaging a friend to make a commitment).

The only reason you'll want to miss this is if you're out cycling.

Guests: Fran White, Charline Jones, Lorraine Dixon, Vicky Balfour and Rebecca Charlton.

Friday 4 December, 1-2pm GMT

How to plan a route for cycling

One of the most popular topics we get asked about is on the subject planning routes. Where to go? What apps to use? How to follow them? Disappointing dead-ends and sneaky hills are no longer a threat with a few minutes of prep.

Our panellists will be taking you with them on a journey of mistakes made and challenges overcome, be it for five or five thousand miles.

Guests: Fran White, Charline Jones, Vicky Balfour, Jenny Box and Rachael Walker.

Friday 11 December, 1-2pm GMT

Bants, Bikes and Being Female Christmas Special!

Join us for good times, festive cheer and a nod to the best Christmas presents for cyclists.

Guests: Fran White, Charline Jones, Lorraine Dixon and Silvi Vargas

Friday 18 December, 1-2pm GMT

Our guest panel

Our guests are hand picked as cycling experts with years of experience in their fields. They are well-known individually for championing the cause of women's cycling, with plenty of passion and personality to boot. 

Fran Whyte

Operations manager and kit tester at VeloVixen, one of the biggest names in women's cycling, Fran Whyte is a cyclist through and through. Having raced for many years, she also moderates the VeloVixen Women's Cycling Chat page.

VeloVixen have been hand-picking the best cycling kit for women on their online shop for eight years, from massive market dominators to small, one-man bands. They've even recently started creating their own kit, putting into practice everything they know about what women really want and need for every type of bike ride.

You can find out more about VeloVixen on their Twitter and Instagram pages. 

Charline Jones

Charline has over ten years' experience training as a professional cyclist, and has been a coach in sport for seventeen years.

With a Commonwealth silver medal under her belt, a Sports and Exercise Science degree, yoga teacher training and functional range conditioning qualifications as part of her knowledge, if there’s one thing Charline knows how to do, that’s get results. She knows the easiest way to do this is to surround yourself with people who support you in your fitness journey.

Her training sessions include exercises that promote strength, fat loss, stamina and mobility, and she joins us as one of our fitness experts. Find out more about Charline on ​Twitter and Instagram.

Silvi Vargas

Silvi Vargas is a BMX racer and coach. She runs BMX-ercise classes for women and has worked as a mechanic for Evans Cycles. 

She has fixed everything on a bike, hit massive jumps, and created fun and welcoming environments in which women are able to push their comfort zones and thrive.

You can find out more about Silvi on her website.

Lorraine Dixon

Qualified bike mechanic and DJ, Lorraine Dixon is that person who can turn even the most dry of bike related topics into a barrel of laughs.

Representing the Joyful Bellas and Fellas, Lorraine is known for encouraging beginners of all backgrounds, ages and abilities to join her cycling group in the Midlands. 

Vicky Balfour

Vicky Balfour is a mountain biking coach, mindset coach and bike mechanic. She is also mum to a disabled child who needs special support to be able to enjoy cycling like everyone else.

The voice of adaptive and non-standard cycles, she aims to educate audiences about the various options out there enabling everyone to enjoy cycling.

Check out Vicky's Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Jenny Box

Jenny Box is head of behaviour change and development at Cycling UK. She is also a leisure cyclist with a particular enthusiasm for cycling on holiday, exploring new areas on two wheels.

Closer to home, Jenny cycles to work, and around London with friends. Jenny joined the charity nearly two years ago after many years’ experience in roles focusing on increasing sports participation and engagement with volunteers. 

She now leads a team of cycling development officers working to help achieve Cycling UK’s mission of enabling a million more people to cycle through community programmes.

With lots of debate online and in real life surrounding social distancing measures and what this means for cycling, Jenny is here to help answer the questions and provide advice on how cycling can keep going in 2020.

Rebecca Charlton

Rebecca Charlton is a TV presenter, journalist and author. She has written two books on cycling with Bloomsbury, and presents and commentates on channels including Eurosport, ITV and the BBC. 

Having raced in several disciplines of competitive cycling from a young age, Rebecca brings a particular wealth of knowledge on the sport, from grassroots entry-level, to the pro ranks where she regularly interviews the stars of the sport. 

Rebecca is the lead presenter on ITV's coverage of the OVO Energy Women's Tour of Britain and is particularly passionate about seeing more women start riding.

In addition, she can be found regularly hosting rounds of the HSBC UK National Road and women's series on Eurosport and says: “There are no stupid questions when it comes to cycling, so ask away!” 

You can follow what Rebecca's up to on Instagram and Twitter.

Rachael Walker

Rachael Walker is an award-winning women's cycling events organiser and has been racing bikes for over fifteen years, competing at a global level in Downhill and Enduro mountain biking.

She also loves a long-distance bikepacking adventures, which is what makes her the perfect Komoot ambassador. Komoot is a route planning app that helps you find on and off-road paths for cycling. 

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