Ask the experts: Questions and answers about women’s cycling

Ask the experts: Questions and answers about women’s cycling

If you’re starting out on your cycling journey you may have some questions and have no one to ask. Each month share your burning questions and our experts will pick the top four questions – and try their best at answering them

Wondering what to do about your saddle soreness or a squeaky brakes? Not sure what bike you need? Look no further – our experts have the answers.

Send your questions to There is no such thing as a silly question, we’re here to help. Questions can be about absolutely anything cycling related. Every month we’ll be releasing the answers.

Meet the experts

Rebecca Charlton is a TV presenter, journalist and author. Rebecca has written two books on cycling with Bloomsbury and can be found presenting and commentating on channels including Eurosport, ITV and the BBC.

Having raced in several disciplines of competitive cycling from a young age Rebecca brings a particular wealth of knowledge on the sport, from grassroots entry-level up to the pro ranks where she regularly interviews the stars of the sport.

Rebecca is the lead presenter on ITV’s coverage of the OVO Energy Women’s Tour of Britain and is particularly passionate about seeing more women start riding. In addition, Rebecca can be found regularly hosting rounds of the HSBC UK National Road and women’s series on Eurosport as well as using her knowledge to commentate on the action. 

Rebecca says: “There are no stupid questions when it comes to cycling, so ask away!”

Instagram: @beccacharlton_insta
Twitter: @beccacharlton

Victoria Hazael is Cycling UK’s digital and content manager.

She has been writing about cycling for us and others for over a decade.

Victoria cycles to get around and as much as possible with her primary school-aged children. She is passionate that cycling isn’t just for sporty types who look good in Lycra and want to go fast, she believes that everyone of all abilities can do it.

Elizabeth Beaumont Colebrook has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry. After working in a very busy Manchester bicycle co-operative through the 1980s and ’90s, she took time out to study and work as an occupational therapist, returning to the cycling trade in 2005 to work for Islabikes.

In 2015, Liz left to establish her own artisan framebuilding business Beaumont Bicycle, welcoming customers needing or preferring to ‘step-through’ the frame but not exclusively. Liz also owns TJ Cycles and the exclusive rights to build the uniquely British ‘Flying Gate’.

Liz Colebrook says: “My area of expertise is being able to assess a person, their bicycle and where they want to ride. It sounds simple but it’s highly complex as we humans vary in so many ways, as do bicycles and all their component parts. Then there’s the physical and social environment otherwise known as where we ride and who we ride with, or without as the case may be!”


How to ask a question

Visit the Cycling UK Women in Cycling Facebook page and visit our announcement section.

Email us with your query at

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