Safeguarding officer's toolkit

A safeguarding officer helps resolve any issues within the group to make sure everyone enjoys their rides

Safeguarding officer's toolkit

What does a cycling group's safeguarding officer do? Cycling groups have traditionally offered advice and support for members on an informal basis above and beyond that given during cycling activities. A safeguarding officer can also help resolve any issues that may arise within the group, particularly around concerns involving children or adults.

 A safeguarding officer is the person appointed by a group to resolve, informally in the first instance, any issues that may arise within the group, such as a complaint about a member's behaviour or concerns over an individual's ability to ride safely with the group. 

The safeguarding officer may:

  • offer advice and support for members of the group;
  • ensure that all members are treated fairly;
  • be aware of the issues involved in safeguarding for adults and how to report them;
  • be aware of the issues involved in safeguarding for children and how to report them.

They may also attempt to resolve any issues that may arise by taking the following steps:

  • remaining neutral and impartial;
  • taking advice from the committee where necessary;
  • calling a committee meeting to discuss the issue and present a formal response on behalf of the group if the issue cannot be resolved informally;
  • for Cycling UK member groups, reporting any issue that cannot be resolved informally to Cycling UK's head of volunteering using the Accident/Incident Report form, in which case it should be treated as a formal complaint and handled according to Cycling UK’s complaints procedure.

Where an issue involves a safeguarding issue such as an allegation of sexual assault or racism, the safeguarding officer must:

  • Report any safeguarding issues immediately and in confidence to the Designated Safeguarding Lead at Cycling UK using the Safeguarding Report form.

Please follow the attached step-by-step guides to see how to:

  • resolve issues;
  • deal with a formal complaint
  • report accidents/Incidents; and
  • report safeguarding issues.