Our vision is to enable millions more people to cycle. The UK should be a place where the streets are free of congestion and the air is clean to breathe. It’s a vision that businesses like yours can play a crucial role in achieving.
Benefits of workplace cycling

Standards for sustainability and staff well-being have never been more high profile, but many businesses struggle to reconcile these targets with profitability.

The humble bicycle provides a simple solution to these complex problems.

By integrating cycling into your workplace, you can slash your corporate carbon footprint, drive productivity and staff satisfaction. 

We have the resources, products and expertise to help you help us make a better world by bike.

Be the best

Not only does integrating cycling into your business reduce pollution and enable your colleagues to take action against climate change daily, the science overwhelmingly shows that commuters who cycle to work are healthier, happier and more productive.

For over 140 years, we’ve been championing cycling as a vehicle of change. Over that time we’ve developed lifetimes' worth of expertise, and a comprehensive suite of products to suit the cycling needs of your business.

Become a Cycle Friendly Employer

Show the world when it comes to climate change and staff wellbeing, your organisation is leading the way.

Our Cycle Friendly Employer accreditation is the international benchmark for active travel culture and infrastructure in the workplace.

The Mail on Sunday appears to have launched a crusade against cycle lanes
Your journey starts here

You might be a champion of workplace cycling looking to cement your status, you might be wondering where to start.

We’re here to help at whatever stage you are along the ride.


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