Life Membership

Life Membership

If cycling is a way of life for you, why not enjoy permanently the benefits and cover provided by Cycling UK membership by becoming a Life Member?

When you become a Life Member of Cycling UK, you'll receive an exclusive embossed Life Membership card with your name and the date you joined.

The cost of Life Membership of  Cycling UK is based on current subscription rates with a discount based on age and how long you have been a member.

To calculate the rate for you, start with 25 times the annual Adult subscription rate, (as from the 1st October 2018, £46.50), a total of £1,162.50

Then combine these two factors:

  • 1 % ( = £11.625) for every full year of age up to 71; and
  • ½ % (= £5.8125) for every full year subscription paid by the member.

For example: Mr Allen is 65 years old, and has been a Cycling UK member since he was 25. He calculates the cost of Life Membership as follows:

  • Start total: £1,162.50
  • Reduction for Mr Allen's age: (1% x 65 years) 65% of £1,162.50 = £755.63
  • Reduction for Mr Allen's yearly subscriptions paid: (0.5% x 40) 20% of £1,162.50 = £232.50
  • Total reduction (£755.63 + £232.50) = £988.13

Total cost of Life Membership to Mr Allen (£1,162.50 - £988.13) = £174.38

How do I apply for Life Membership?

To apply by post

Please send the application form (attached below), along with a photocopy of a document giving proof of age, to:

Cycling UK Membership
Railton Road

To apply by email

Send the completed form (attached below) as an attachment to our Membership Department. Please ensure you include a scanned document giving proof of age as an additional attachment.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Membership Department if you require any help with your application.