15% off Yellow Jersey travel insurance

15% off Yellow Jersey travel insurance

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Yellow Jersey travel insurance

Yellow Jersey’s travel insurance has been designed specifically for cyclists. It will provide you with all of the usual benefits you would expect from travel insurance but crucially will cover your medical expenses if you need medical care or repatriation following a cycling accident. The cover also extends to a wide range of other outdoor activities and annual policies also cover skiing.

At the moment, there is no cover available under this policy for anything related to Covid-19.


Benefits include
  • Medical expenses (£10m)
  • Repatriation (£10m)
  • Personal liability (£2m)
  • Trip cancellation (£5k) (Excludes Covid-19)
  • Emergency cycle hire (£500)
  • Cycle event fee cancellation cover (£500)
  • Cycle breakdown (£250)
  • Cycle repatriation (£250)
  • Gadget Cover (£2k)

If you would like to add cover for your bicycle for a holiday, Yellow Jersey offers a separate short-term bicycle insurance policy. You don’t have to purchase travel insurance to buy short-term bike insurance, and you still get a 15% discount.