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Welcome to CTC Glasgow

CTC Glasgow Committee are pleased to announce that we are soon to be resuming a limited rides programme. Our planned 2020 rides programme will unfortunately have to be discarded and we will be looking to our ride leaders to post ad hoc rides. We will hopefully be running a regular ride on a Saturday morning.

Due to Covid restrictions, rides must to limited to a maximum of 5 households. In practice that means that rides will be generally limited to 5 people (leader plus 4 others) plus other members of the 5 households up to a maximum of 15, but only if the ride leader considers the numbers practical (generally <15).

Before joining a ride please note carefully all of the following.

· Anyone with symptoms of cough, high temperature, breathlessness or loss of taste or smell must not join the ride

· Ride is limited to members from 5 different households

· Meeting points are outdoors

· All riders must pre-register for rides

· Social distancing of 2 metres must be maintained at all times . Riding will generally be in single file and distancing well in excess of 2 m is requested.

· All riders will have read Cycling UK advice on socially distant cycling [(https://www.cyclinguk.org/article/tips-socially-distant-cycling)]

· Riders should be self-sufficient in the event of breakdown (breakdown tools & spares or phone to arrange pick-up)

The practicality is that that ride sign-up will be limited to the leader plus 4 others, but riders may bring along other household members but please let the ride leader know in advance. Please be prepared to bring along your own refreshments/food as café stops are likely not possible..

We are the CTC/Cycling UK group that covers the greater Glasgow area and are committed to organising cycle rides and promoting cycling both within Glasgow and the neighbouring west of Scotland. Our group was founded in 1902 and we currently have around 1000 members. Our vision is of a healthier, happier world through cycle participation. We want everyone to be able to cycle safely and enjoyably.

Please join us for a ride

We hope to run a regular Saturday morning ride from the People's Palace (9:30am) and other rides on an ad hoc basis. In addition we would encourage everyone to see GoBike and Belles on Bikes who each run their own programme of rides. We try to encourage anyone who wishes to cycle with us but most of our rides require a basic level of fitness. Anyone unsure of ability levels should contact the ride leader directly, their phone number being available on the website or Meetup site. The rides sometimes change or are cancelled due to weather conditions so please check the our Meetup group Meetup Group prior to attending a run. The most up to date ride information will generally be on the meet-up site.

Ride insurance and safety

All rides are covered by 3rd party group insurance which is why we require a contact number at the start of the ride. Most rides are around 12-13mph with some of the longer rides being a bit faster. Non-members can attend 3 rides for free after which we would encourage them to join Cycling UK. As well as group activities, membership provides third party insurance.If you have never riden with us or are new to group riding we would ask that you read our ride safety guidelines at Ride Safety Guidelines.

Check out our Meetup Group for the latest ride information and updates in the event of weather cancellations https://www.meetup.com/CTC-Glasgow-Rides

Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19