Tactics and Strategies

Tactics and Strategies

Writing a letter to your local authority may be useful, but there are many other ways to affect change. This briefing lays out a few of them.

There are a number of different tactics you can apply to your campaign. The biggest choice depends on who you are looking to influence. While a demonstration might persuade your local council, it may not go down so well if you are asking your boss to install some cycle parking!

So who do you speak to first when launching a campaign, council cabinet, council members, or officers, or do you try and engage the public, speaking to your neighbours or involving the local media, getting the general public on board. The reality is that no one of these sections moves on its own. they all need to support your campaign, which will require you to use a number of techniques. We also have further guidance for influencing and working with local government .

Public Pressure

  • Demonstrations
  • Direct Action
  • Critical Mass Rides

Paper Pressure

  • Petitions
  • Postcard Campaigns
  • Letter Writing Campaigns

Professional Pressure

  • Surveys
  • Cycle-Counts
  • Model Cycling Plans / Policies
  • Model Resolutions
  • Alternatives