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Is cycling a way of life for you, like it is for us?

What better way to express your love of cycling then becoming a Life Member.

There really is no better time to support and be part of the UK’s cycling charity. We have been looking out for cyclists for over 140 years and we will be here to support you for the rest of your cycling life. 

Whether you have been with us since you started cycling, or have only just discovered Cycling UK, we want you to be part of something special. Sharing in the love of cycling and our vision for a better world by bike. As one of our members you enable us to have a louder voice to lobby government, campaign for improved rights and inspire millions more people to cycle.  

When you become a Life Member of Cycling UK, you'll receive a special Life Membership card with your name and the date you very first joined. You will also continue to receive your wonderful member benefits such as 3rd party insurance, retail discounts, Cycle magazine and the ability to ride with Cycling UK member and affiliated groups. 

As a young teenager in the 70s, our cycling club afforded me a real degree of personal mobility that others can't access until they can drive, not to mention a very healthy activity to focus a young person's interests and goals. Pity then that motorbikes lured me away for 30 years. But they say once you've had the cycling bug it always finds you again, and true for me 7 years ago when I re-joined. By then it was clear that the economy of life membership made it the best bet
Simon, Cambridge 
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How much does life membership cost?

The cost of Life Membership varies and is reduced based on the number of years you’ve already been a member, to recognise your loyalty, and predicting how long you are likely to need the insurance cover.  

To simply calculate the price of your membership you will just need to know how long you have been a member and your age. The price starts at £1,200, then based on every year you have been a member and your age (up to 71), you are entitled to a discount of 0.5% or currently £6.00 for each year. Use our handy calculator at the bottom of this page, or get in touch with our membership team who will help you. 

To give you an example of what you could save, if you had been a member since you were 20, and are now 60 years old, you would pay £600 - half the price of the starting rate. 

That is a big reduction and just think how much more you could save by taking up life membership earlier rather than renewing each year. However, it is not just about the saving, it is also about supporting the incredible work that membership enables Cycling UK to do and showing a wonderful commitment to helping more people to cycle.  

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How do I apply for Life Membership?

Once you’ve decided Life Membership is for you, please contact the Membership Team on 01483 238301. They can take you through your calculation, and, if you are happy, take payment by credit/debit card. Alternatively, please send a copy of the completed application form to the address below with a cheque made payable to ‘Cycling UK’. 

Cycling UK Membership, Parklands, Railton Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 9JX 

(Due to the variable nature of the cost you can’t currently become a Life Member online) 

If you have any queries regarding your quote or wish to discuss anything in relation to your membership do not hesitate to contact the Membership Team.