Cycling UK Incident Line

Cycling UK members receive free legal advice related to cycling related incidents

Cycling UK Incident Line

Free cycling related legal advice included with full Cycling UK membership.

Cycling UK Incident Line

Slater and Gordon Lawyers is a leading consumer law firm with cycling accident specialists across the UK. They’ve been representing Cycling UK members in relation to cycling, crashes, incidents and accidents since 2002.

As a Cycling UK member (please note, individual affiliated members will need to upgrade to full membership to access this service), Slater and Gordon offer a free unique package of services, including:

· Access to expert lawyers who specialise in cycling accidents

· Coverage across England, Scotland and Wales

· No success fee charge (meaning you will keep 100% of your compensation)

· No Win No Fee arrangement

· Small Claims Pack – Advice, assistance and information pack where there’s been bike damage but no injury

· Third Party Claims Pack – Advice, assistance and information pack where someone is making a claim against you

Call Slater and Gordon’s Cycling UK Incident Line today on 0330 107 1789* to speak to a specialist adviser for more information on the services and the terms and conditions that apply.

Why Choose Slater and Gordon?

When making a claim for personal injury, most law firms will deal with your case on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning if you don’t win your case, there will be no charge to you and therefore no financial risk. However, in the majority of cases, if you do win, you will be charged a success fee, which can be up to 25% of your compensation claim.

However, Cycling UK members who choose Slater and Gordon will not be charged a success fee. So win or lose, they won’t have to pay a penny. This means they’ll have access to first class legal services completely for free.

Call Slater and Gordon’s Cycling UK Incident Line today about:

· Personal injury claims for Cycling UK members

· Personal injury claims for non-members

· Incidents caused by road traffic incidents and poor road conditions, such as potholes

· Injuries from incidents whilst commuting, off road cycling or even on holiday overseas

We can assist with any incident or injury if you’re injured cycling or wheeling your bicycle in the UK. Large or small claim – we can help! Visit Slater and Gordon’s Cycling UK Incident Line website for more information or call the Incident Line direct on 0330 107 1789.

*0330 numbers are free to call if your landline or mobile phone plan includes free calls to landlines. If your phone plan doesn’t include free calls, calls will be charged at the same rate as a standard landline. Please note that the previous 0844 number which is printed on your membership card is still valid, but you will be charged. Costs will vary depending on your supplier. 

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