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Welcome to The Hubs Cycle Network. A very different type of Business Networking.

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Leisure/Touring rides
About us 

Business networking is often a very formal affair with a bunch of people who have no common connection. Traditional types of networking have their place, but why not get together over something that we all love - cycling.

You must be a director, business owner or decision maker to join the ride. It is important that everyone's time is spent in the best way - making genuine business contacts that could have an impact on the growth and success of their business.

We come together to create an opportunity for like-minded professionals once a month and to go for a ride and extend their professional network. You will get the chance to enjoy some fresh air, get some exercise by doing something you enjoy and naturally expand your professional network.

All you need is any bike (mountain, road, or hybrid), a helmet, cycling proficiency and a reasonable level of fitness. And you should be prepared to talk about yourself and your business whilst sat on a bike next to someone a lot like you.

    We ride on the first Wednesday of every month and would love for you to join us. Come along, switch your professional networking up a gear and get on the road.

    Information about the group rides 

    Rides are at 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm (It depends on speed of the group, specific route, mechanical issues etc) on the 1st Wednesday of every month and they start and end from a suitable edge of Birmingham location and then head out into the countryside.

    They are led by experienced ride leaders who ensure that:

    • We ride safely in formation.
    • We ride at a social pace so that conversation is possible!
    • We ride a sensible route that is challenging enough to be fun and flat enough to be inclusive.
    • We ride at the pace of the slowest rider, so no one is left behind.
    • We rotate as a peloton so you get the chance to can talk to everyone in your group.

    A typical ride will be around 25 miles, around 1500ft of climbing and around 13-14 mph average. 

    These are inclusive rides that focus on networking as much as they do on cycling. As the group grows then we hope to have different paced groups but until the demand is there you can expect a social pace that suits everyone. Lycra and carbon fibre bikes are NOT essential and we'll not be comparing split times and wattage output at the end of the ride.

    Follow us on eventbrite or facebook to book your ride place from month to month.


    Wright Solutions - Jon Terry - Director

    Jon is a customer facing HR Consultant with a passion for delivering exactly what his client is looking for even when that involves challenging their thinking or championing the "thinking outside of the box" solution. He has a long track record of recruiting staff at all levels within HR & L&D and relishing the unusual hard to fill vacancy. He has worked for Wright Solutions for 17 years and is one of three Directors responsible for building a successful and well regarded recruitment & HR consultancy in a competitive marketplace. He is a recent convert to cycling (having decided that he was getting a little too old for Rugby) but is now an absolute addict with many long sportives (at a social pace) under his belt. He'll also be sure to bore you to death about his Rugby Coaching prowess given half a chance.

    B13 Technology - Jon Swinbourne, CEO 

    Jon is a technology specialist and contagious entrepreneur, he runs a software development company that concentrates on innovation, disruptive thinking and getting ideas to market in the most cost-effective way possible.  Be it mobile apps, Artificial Intelligence, DBA, bespoke CRMS's or workflow, dashboards or API's.  Talk to Jon and he'll help you see the wood from the trees. Oh yes, he also LOVES riding his bike and has led more than 500 group rides.  He loves music, playing in bands, his family, golf and putting his hand up for the most random of challenges.

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