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Footbiking UK

We welcome anyone who would like to join us for footbiking rides.

Our activities 
Leisure/Touring rides
Family rides
Women only rides
About us 

Footbiking Uk is being formed by passionate footbiker in Spring 2019.

The aim is to create a friendly community of like-minded people who wants to maintain an active lifestyle and while doing so have fun and enjoy group riding in stunning locations.


Footbiking is a versatile outdoor activity for all ages, abilities and it’s great fun.

Join for free and give a chance! 


Information about the group rides 

Our ridings make the most of our beautiful country and are a relaxing way to enjoy being active outdoors. We will arrange rides for varying levels of abilities, age or spirit.

-      Footbiking adventures for families with children,

-       Sociable riding in stunning locations with a mixed ability group,

-       Night riding, etc.

Our area 

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