Webinar: Support your staff to cycle confidently

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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Webinar: Support your staff to cycle confidently


Fundamentally, cycling is a ‘safe’ activity and transport choice, with overwhelming evidence to prove this, but sometimes there is a feeling from non-cyclists that it is not so. Cycling UK believes that to tackle that perception and get more people cycling to work we need a step change in the way roads are designed, and to examine the role that we can all have in shaping this future.  

Forming part of a series of events for Road Safety Week that will cover a series of topics that address what we can do to make roads safer – both in “real terms” like Cycling UK’s campaigning and policy work for infrastructure and changes to the Highway Code, and in the perception of safety, by building and developing confidence in individuals so more people choose to cycle. This webinar will look at how businesses can encourage employees to cycle, through taking simple, practical measures that will support staff and build their confidence. 

This webinar is targeted at employers and support staff – whether you’re a CEO, MD, senior HR or in a facilities management or sustainability role - to provide them with useful information and practical guidance on how to support cycling to their workplace, challenge perceptions around cycling and safety, and how to encourage their employees who are looking to commute by bike whether that is during or post-lockdown. 

Our expert guests include:

  • Adam Tranter - CEO Fusion Media & Bicycle Mayor for Coventry
  • Becky Millar - Bike Buddies
  • Andy Cremin - Programme manager – National projects & cycling development London, Cycling UK
  • Hosted by Sarah Mitchell, CEO Cycling UK

There will be an opportunity for Q&A with the panel.


  • Wednesday 18 November, 11:00 
  • Streamed on GoToWebinar
  • Recording available to watch after the event
  • Free to attend
United Kingdom