It's safe to cycle - positive perceptions to increase women's cycling

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

It's safe to cycle - positive perceptions to increase women's cycling

Women's Festival of Cycling

This year’s Women’s Festival of Cycling takes place at a time when more people are cycling, bike sales are up, more families are cycling together, and Governments across the UK are telling everyone to cycle to work. During the Women’s Festival of Cycling we are looking at how we seize this moment and keep those women new to cycling on their bikes, as well as enabling others to take it up.

Over two-thirds of people said their hometown would be a better place if more people cycled. Some 76% of women who already cycled or wanted to start said segregated lanes would help them to cycle more. By connecting business leaders and local government, this webinar will discuss how we can help reduce the perceived fear of cycling on the roads, and what support women need to make more journeys by bike. 

Through this webinar we aim to deconstruct the negative perception of cycling safety, talk confidence building for cycling on the road that will enable more women to cycle to work, discuss what action we can take in the community to enable more women to cycle on the roads and explore what the benefits could be for the wider economy in Northern Ireland if more women cycled.


  • Tuesday 28 July, 14:00 
  • Streamed live on GoToWebinar
  • Recording available after the event
  • Free to attend
United Kingdom