Honeybourne CycleFest

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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Honeybourne CycleFest

Bike Week

The Honeybourne CycleFest

16th June

H-BUG (Honeybourne Bicycle Users Group) invite you to enjoy a day of fun & fresh air on your bike. Why not choose an event to suit your own / your family’s capabilities. These events will suit everyone from new starter to ambitious cyclist.

07.00 A 15-mile “wake-up” cycle ride (Aspire).

08.30 A 10-mile cycle ride (“Aspire”).

10.00 A short cycle ride (between one and six miles) for all the family (“Family”).

11.00 A 27-mile cycle ride up into the North Cotswolds (“Challenge”).

14.00 A 15-mile cycle ride (“Aspire”).

16.00 A family off-road cycle ride (“Family”).

18.00 A cycle ride to The Fleece Inn, Bretforton (“Family”).
“Asparafest meets CycleFest”

Why not join Steve to ride all these events during the day?


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Honeybourne Bicycle Users Group (H-BUG)
Steve Bullen