Dundee Local Pedal on Parliament

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All large scale events, rides and group activity are cancelled
With the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19 we advise you should follow your nations guidance
Dundee Pop-up Pedal on Parliament Slessor Gardens Sign up and Dr bike
Dundee Pop-up Pedal on Parliament Slessor Gardens Sign up and Dr bike
Sunday, 28 April 2019

Dundee Local Pedal on Parliament


Dundee Pop-up Pedal on Parliament Slessor Gardens Sign up and Dr bike 28 April 2019 1pm. if it is a nice day bring a picnic!

This year's Pedal on Parliament is all about local issues and regions around Scotland will be organising events to highlight the need for investment in active travel.

In Dundee, this will be our first PoP Event, we are having a ride round Slessor Gardens for an hour on Sunday 28th April starting at 1pm. If the weather is good we are then going to have a picnic afterwards. There will be led feeder rides from Broughty Ferry (Cycle Counter) and Invergowrie (Where NCN77 comes off-road just up from the underpass at Burnside Road) meeting at 12.00. There will also be a Dr Bike at the Slessor Gardens ride from 12.30 to 14.30. The Slessor Gardens route is all off road shared path and is suitable for a family cycle and will highlight the need to connect the Waterfront to the City Centre as well as the other points in our PoP manifesto:

Pedaling to make Dundee a cycle-friendly city!

Why are we campaigning?

To ask Dundee politicians and members of the public to sign up to our
manifesto to make Dundee a cycle friendly city by tackling the barriers that
prevent people of all ages and abilities from cycling the sort of journeys
that make sense by bike.

What are we asking for?

  1. Increase funding for cycling in Dundee to 10% of the City Council's transport budget.
  2. Design cycling for all ages and abilities into Dundee’s roads.
  3. Make 20 mph speed limit the default in residential areas.
  4. Cycling built into our local transport strategies.
  5. Better road traffic law and better enforcement.
  6. Tayside division of Police Scotland to run Operation Close Pass in Dundee to to help create an environment where cycling is a safe and attractive transport option.
  7. Car Free Zones at Schools.
  8. Better connections for walking and cycling between the Waterfront to invite visitors into our great city and to let Dundee citizens access our new 'living room'.
  9. Help tackle public health problems such as air pollution by making cycling an attractive everyday transport option.
  10. Secure cycle storage built into all new homes.
  11. Introduce traffic free days in Dundee City Centre.


Cycle Round Slessor Gardens PoP Event

Starting at the DCF cycle banners at Slessor Gardens. Dr Bike between 12.30 and 14.30! If it is a nice day bring a picnic.


Broughty Ferry Cycle Counter to Slessor Gardens PoP Feeder Ride  - SUNDAY, 28 APRIL 2019 12:00

Feeder led ride from Broughty Ferry to Slessor Gardens PoP Event

Register and start at Broughty Ferry Cycle Counter


Invergowrie to Slessor Gardens PoP Feeder Ride - SUNDAY, 28 APRIL 2019 12:00

Dundee Pop-up Pedal on Parlament Invergowrie to Slessor Gardens Feeder Ride

Register and start at Burnside Road at the wee spur off it to the pumping station just off the NCN77.

GPX route and download