Elections 2021: Cycling for everyone

Thank you to everyone who asked their candidates to make cycling for everyone ahead of the 6 May elections in Scotland, Wales and England.

Thanks to your support, we saw Scottish and Welsh political parties make significant commitments to active travel in their manifestos. We also secured pledges to support cycling from hundreds of MSP, MS and councillor candidates, ensuring there will be strong voices for cycling and walking across local and national government over the coming years.

Once results are annouced, we'll let you know which of your elected representatives have comitted to a vision where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can cycle more often.

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What were we calling for?

We ran separate campaigns in Scotland, Wales and England, reflecting the different nature of the elections and the national and local context. 

However, across all three nations, we campaiged on some similar key themes:

  • Funding for cycling

Increased investment in high quality cycling infrastructure and projects

  • Cycling for everyone

Central and local government must ensure cycling is accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live, their background or their ability

Once results are annouced, we'll reach out to MSPs and MSs from across the political spectrum to raise cycling up their agenda, and work with others to hold the newly elected governments and councils to their commitments on cycling and walking.

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

As well as our election campaigns for MSPs, MSs, councillors and mayors, we also supported Action Vision Zero's Police and Crime Commissioner Manifesto, which called on PCCs to commit to:

  1. Make road danger reduction a priority
  2. Tackle speeding (the greatest threat)
  3. Be transparent and accountable
  4. Work with your community
  5. Improve the post-crash response.

Find out more about why these asks are so important: