Covid officer's toolkit

Being Covid officer for your group is an important role to keep your group safe this festive season. Photo by Peter Cornish

Covid officer's toolkit

What are the main responsibilities of a Covid officer? How will they keep the group safe so they can return to normal cycling activities.

The Covid officer (also known as a coronavirus co-ordinator in Scotland) ensures that groups comply with government guidance for riding safely. This role is compulsory in Scotland and in all the others, Cycling UK strongly recommends it

What are the main tasks of a cycling group Covid officer?

The Covid officer helps the group oversee and implement public health and safety measures so it can operate in a safe manner.

Their tasks may include:

  • Undertaking nation-specific coronavirus training (see below)
  • Being the main point of contact for their group with regards to coronavirus
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest Coronavirus Guidance from Cycling UK and the relevant guidance from their own nation
  • Ensuring club policies and procedures are updated in relation to coronavirus
  • Ensuring the group has appropriate processes in place, such as keeping accurate records of attendees and risk assessments of specific activities
  • Ensuring there is awareness among your group of coronavirus protocols
  • Encouraging members and participants to take individual responsibility and undertake Covid-19 awareness training provided by Cycling UK where appropriate

All members of a group should be aware of who the Covid officer is in order to pass their details on. These details, as a minimum, must include:

  • name
  • phone number
  • date and time of the activity attended

There should be a register taken at each session, which should be accessible by both the coronavirus co-ordinator and the event organiser or ride leader. The register should also note the name(s) of the ride leaders and anyone else who came into close contact with the group during the session.

How to access Covid training


The coronavirus co-ordinator (also known as a Covid officer) must undertake online coronavirus training to ensure full risk assessments and mitigations are put in place before any group rides or activities.


We strongly advise all groups in Wales allocate a Covid officer who should sign up for the Covid-19 Awareness Course for the Sport and Recreation Sector. The course has been created in partnership with the Welsh Sports Association to help ensure clubs, coaches and host facilities are following relevant government guidelines and provide a positive re-introduction to sport and recreation for all participants. The price for the course is £2 + VAT for Right Directions Clients and/or Welsh Sports Association Members, or £4 + VAT for everyone else.

Northern Ireland

We strongly advise that all groups in Northern Ireland allocate a Covid officer who will undertake online coronavirus training (it is England-specific but the principles also apply to Northern Ireland) to ensure the activity is safe and mitigate any hazards. Contact our groups engagement officer for further details of how to access this training. 


We strongly advise that all groups in England allocate a Covid officer who will undertake online coronavirus training to ensure the activity is safe and mitigate any hazards. Contact our groups engagement officer for further details of how to access this training.