My qualification

My qualification

My qualification

Information about your CTC qualification.

Do I have to retake my CTC qualification?

Once you have achieved your CTC qualification, there is no need to retake it at defined intervals, provided you maintain its currency. To do this, you should keep the standard records made as part of activity delivery through, for example a Leader logbook, or maintenance records identifying the work you have undertaken

Where there is an extended period (such as a year or more) of you not being active in utilising your qualification, its validity may be questioned, and you should consider attending a refresher or full course.

How can I use my qualification?

CTC courses and qualifications are primarily vocational, i.e. they are designed around performing a professional role, whether being paid for that role or not.

You can use your qualification in line with its own specification (see the particular course webpage) in a voluntary or a paid role, as part of a club, as an employee or for other organisations such as charities. You can also use it as a self-employed outdoor practitioner.

Where is my qualification accepted?

CTC courses are accepted across the whole of the UK. Courses are delivered by CTC in all devolved nations and under HSE guidance, are accepted there as valid.

Further afield, there are many activity providers in Europe, Egypt, Canada and other areas of the world who see the value in CTC qualifications and either request them for their employees, put their employees through the relevant course, or use them as a base level of training from which they add their own local requirements.

Which first aid certificate do I need?

When leading or instructing groups, you should hold a first aid certificate appropriate to the environment that you are operating in. Exactly what this constitutes is your employer's decision (or yours where you are self-employed), but we generally recommend that all Leaders hold a two day, outdoors based first aid certificate.

See more on the First Aid courses the CTC delivers.

Can I lead groups of young people?

As a qualified CTC Leader, yes you can lead groups of young people and adults.

What happens if I don't pass the course?

Firstly, CTC has an ethos that is all about you attaining the knowledge, skill, experience and insight to become competent, hopefully within the course duration. We aim to enable you to attain with confidence building and superb teaching techniques combined with discreet assessment methods.

Of course, we make sure that you are competent before you are signed off (CTC qualifications are not awards by attendance), but we work really hard to get you there.

CTC uses a very modern integrated teaching and assessment methodology. This means that you will complete some areas of the qualification very early in the course and some others as the course continues. Where not all elements of the course are achieved during the course itself, these will require re-assessing in the future.

Re-assessment can vary depending on what it is that needs competence to be gained. Where there are elements that can be shown effectively through verbal or written means, then this can be provided at no cost, but within a set timescale. Where there are elements that require your demonstration and observation by a CTC Tutor, then you will need to attend part of all of a course. In this case, the place is chargeable at a pro-rata rate per day (as you are effectively taking someone else's place on the course.

Can I get a replacement certificate?

In certain cases, we can issue replacement certificates.  Please download the document 'Replacement Certificates' below.

My qualification