Community Cycle Clubs

Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19

Community Cycle Clubs

Cycling UK is enabling millions more people to cycle. The Community Cycle Club behaviour change programme is one of the ways we're achieving this mission.

A Community Cycle Club is a group of people who come together to do cycling for whatever purpose they choose.

The programme connects individuals to their community to build social networks, feel well and enjoy being active by cycling. The aim could be to reduce isolation, improve health and wellbeing, develop skills and education, or just have fun.

Cycling UK Development Officers work with clubs to establish and increase the clubs skills, capacity and confidence. This helps ensure activities are led to a high standard by safe and qualified leaders and can better engage with a wider audience. 

Cycling UK has established over 200 new and diverse clubs across England and Scotland which have engaged over 50,000 people. Community hubs, faith groups, mental health support groups and organisations are just some of the settings where Community Cycle Clubs are taking place. 

People taking part in Community Cycle Clubs report that:

  • they are cycling more often and are starting to meet physical activity guidelines
  • they are feeling healthier, happier and better connected to their communities
  • they are starting to use a bike for small journeys and commuting
  • that joining a Community Cycle Club helped them achieve their goals.

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