100 Women in Cycling

Ayesha McGowan - one of our 100 Women in Cycling 2017

100 Women in Cycling

We will be celebrating female cycling by profiling the many women riders and supporters of cycling, both within and outside of Cycling UK. The 100 Women in Cycling will be women who inspire others to take up the activity but who may not be well-known by the world at large.

We will, of course, profile the many existing female cyclists, such as our own Vice-President cycle tourer Josie Dew and ground-breaking riders like Lady Harberton, Dervla Murphy, and Rachel Atherton, and the women who are helping break down barriers to women riding elsewhere in the world, such as Shannon Galpin, who works to enable women to take up cycling in Afghanistan, and Ayesha McGowan, aiming to become the first African-American female professional bike racer in USA, as well as ordinary but extraordinary members of the public who act as role models for other riders.

Then there is the work of Cycling UK's own inspirational volunteers to highlight too, including several long-standing female Member Group Secretaries, ride leaders, tour leaders, event organisers and many others.

We will be celebrating 100 Women in Cycling by profiling the many women riders and supporters of cycling, both within and outside of Cycling UK. The 100 Women in Cycling will be women who inspire others to take up the activity but who may not be well-known by the world at large.  

100 Women in Cycling list 1-20

100 Women in Cycling list 21-40

100 Women in Cycling list 41-60

100 Women in Cycling list 61-80

100 Women in Cycling list 81-100

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I'd like to nominate ALISON GLITHEROE. I met her in 2014 when I first plucked up courage to join in all-women Sky Rides. Alison was the leader. She is so friendly and supportive. She rode alongside me on the way back on my first ride, encouraging me all the way. It wasnt long before the group that went out with her became good friends. Riding with the all-women group gave me the confidence to go on and join in rides with my local CTC group.

Thanks for nominating Alison. Do you know if she is a Cycling UK member? Also, if you have any contact details for her can you send them to me in confidence to julie.rand@cyclinguk.org. Many thanks.

I want to nominate Catherine from Outspoken Cycles in Cambridge. If cycling, like most sports, is still male-dominated, the workshop and bike mechanics must be even more so, but for me Catherine stands out as an exceptional talent and yes, an inspiration. As a 40-something male, I was (pleasantly) surprised to find a woman leading the Velotech Gold mechanic course when I arrived at Outspoken. Catherine is obviously a highly skilled mechanic, but more than that, she is an exceptional teacher. I have never been mechanically-minded or able, but thanks to her patience, her clear explanations and general brilliance, I am now able to maintain a fleet of mountain bikes - she even gave me the confidence to fix my broken washing machine myself, something I would never have even attempted without her. So thanks Cat, you're a star!

Thanks doublej, sorry for delay in replying to this. Can you let me know her surname if you know it? email it to julie.rand@cyclinguk.org Thanks! Great suggestion.

Lowri is a small powerhouse of dedication and practical support. Not only does she hold repeated titles for the Cycling UK Competition, as part of our storming team but also in the lady category; but she is our stalwart secretary, keeping our committee in check and always wearing her Welsh Flag with pride. She appears to show undying patience with the rest of us, organising events and rides but also supporting my women's cycling whims and incorporating into our programme.
She is just Ace!

Purple Sue

Thanks Sue, great suggestion!

Viv has been a keen cyclist for most of her life. She is petite, and after spending quite a few years tailing on the back of the local male dominated club rides, she set up Romsey 'Hares and Tortoises' as a subsidiary section - at least fifteen years ago, leading most of the rides herself in the early days. I had been cycling locally on my own for a few years and decided it would be nice to find some others to go out with. It was the name of this club which attracted me as it was so unintimidating! I met Viv for the first time about ten years ago, when I turned up for my first ride, and because it was pouring with rain no-one else did. She was kind enough to take me on a short ride (including a tea stop) and at the end was able to assure me I could cope with the speed of their normal rides.
Roll forward a few more years, and Viv was diagnosed with Parkinsons. She has continued to ride with the club rides as much as she can, adapting to various recumbent and electric bikes to keep her going.
She supported me when I got involved in the Breeze rides several years ago, and then became a Breeze champion herself, helping other women start cycling regularly.
For the last 3 years, until very recently, Viv has been Chair of the whole of the Southampton area Cycling UK club and the club has grown and been very well organised.
She's a kind and determined lady!

Thanks very much mwallbank. Viv is an excellent choice and a Certificate of Merit winner.

I would like to nominate Janet Gregory as one of the top 100 women in cycling.
Janet is a giant on our local cycling scene.
She has founded two local groups CTC Two Mills and the Bycling Bells.
She is not only the secretary of both groups but also leads a large number of their rides.
In addition to this she runs a scheme to bring old bikes back to life and is in charge of a center that helps people with disabilities to learn to ride.

Thanks very much route56. Janet is also an extremely good suggestion and well-known to Cycling UK.

Spelling correction it should be "Bicycle Belles" ( Typing too fast!)

Alex Cuppleditch's picture

Marcia Roberts has done amazing work in promoting women's cycling in Portsmouth and has achieved many of her own challenges. She created Pompey Pedal Pushers and opens her door to anyone and everyone then is very supportive of new comers to the group. I feel she is the perfect candidate to receive this award.

Thanks Alex, sounds like a great nominee!

I would like to nominate Catherine of Outspoken Cycles in Cambridge.

Catherine has a knack of making the complicated look simple and is a great teacher of all things bike mechanic. As a women in a predominantly man's cycling world she is talented and inspiring role model for all of us.