British Cycle Quest

British Cycle Quest

The British Cycle Quest (BCQ) is a unique cycling challenge. Fed up with riding the same old circuits? Feel like going on an adventure? Take on the BCQ and discover new places all over Britain.

What is the British Cycle Quest?

The British Cycle Quest is all about getting outside and cycling to find as many points of interest across the whole of Britain as you can. This is a challenge you've got the rest of your life to complete - there are no time limits - and you're on your way as soon as you've cycled down the road and located your very first checkpoint.

Checkpoints are scattered evenly throughout  England, Wales and Scotland including several on islands. Wherever you are you'll most likely find one or two checkpoints within cycling range.

To find the checkpoints, you can either use the map below or download the British Cycle Quest Question Book for free from this page below. Once you find a checkpoint, to prove you've been there all you need to do is answer the corresponding question, and note you answer down in a BCQ Answer Card. 

You can also receive BCQ certificates and can buy medals for collecting clues. You’ll gain your first certificate when you’ve visited 10 sites. When you’ve visited all 402 sites, we’ll present you with an engraved medal.

It’s a brilliant way to motivate yourself to get on your bike and go exploring, so why not start today? Take a look at the map below to find a checkpoint near you.

What are the rules?

To prove you’ve visited a checkpoint, all you need to do is answer a question about it, noting your answer down on a BCQ Answer Card. We tell you where the point is – you choose your own route to get to it. It’s that easy. Don't forget to send those cards back to us for validation.

You don't need to wait to send back all your cards at once - you can send them back as and when you complete.

You can do BCQ with someone else. Please let us know if you are and if you want to share a medal!

You are expected to arrive at each location on your choice of cycle, but we don't mind if you drive or take the train to the general area. We hope you have some great times discovering BCQ checkpoints and  finding places you might never otherwise have visited.

How do I get started?

Start with the Questions Book or the map, work out which checkpoints are nearest to your current location, then get on your bike and go!

Don't forget to download an order form below. If you're just beginning, you are entitled to a free Answer Card with space for 10 checkpoint answers to get you started. Once your card is full, send it back to us using the address below. We will send your card to our Validating Officer, Jeff Eaves, who will then send you your 'report card' which will keep a record of your BCQ progress. 

You'll get free certificates for the first 10 checkpoints you complete, a certificate for every completed region, and a Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate whe you complete 100, 200 and 300 checkpoints respectively. You can also order medals from us to further commemorate your achievement.

A wall chart to record your progress is also available for free upon request. 

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