Queens Park Forum Bike Club Launch in the Sunshine

Queens Park Forum Bike Club's Dr Bike, Fabian and a family enjoying the festival

Queens Park Forum Bike Club Launch in the Sunshine

Queens Park Forum Bike Club is community based and offers weekly bike maintenance lessons, an earn a bike scheme and a drop in Dr Bike service for local people. Cycling Development Officer for London Frances Chaloner went along to the launch in Westminster.

Queens Park Forum Bike Club held their launch at the Summer Festival in Queens Park Gardens, Westminster in glorious summer sunshine.

Ted Flanagan,  the Bike Club leader, organised the festival which had food, music, comedy acts and stalls, including the Queens Park Forum Bike Club with a Dr Bike service. The event was very popular and had a great atmosphere with local people thoroughly enjoying the afternoon in the park.

The three Dr Bikes mended over 15 cycles and the owners were able to ride away on them knowing they were safe and roadworthy. Local people could also sign up to attend the series of bike maintenance training sessions the Bike Club offer every week for free at the Beethoven Centre.

I’d like to know how to fix my bikes

Queens Park Forum Bike Club  member


Ben who also signed up, left his bike to be mended whilst he collected his medals from Queens Park Rangers, awarded to him to for scoring 11 goals. “ I want to be able to fix punctures”


Queens Park Forum (QPF) are part of a well established charity, the Paddington Development Trust  which focuses on promoting and supporting community led regeneration by working with local residents. They have brought £30 million into deprived communities in the North Paddington area in the last 12 years.

QPF organise community events and activities to promote a sense of community in the area, and the Bike Club is a welcome addition to their work.

Local people can learn to fix their bikes, there is an earn a bike scheme for those that have no bike but are willing to put in the effort to build one, and the Bike Club offers an affordable drop in service where bikes can be fixed. The Bike Club grant was used towards buying equipment and training up local volunteers to deliver the project and make it sustainable.

For more information contact:

Ted Flanagan

020 8964 8024

Office 1 Beethoven Centre,
Third Avenue, 
W10 4JL

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