Bike Week 2020 - 6 to 14 June

Bike Week 2019
Bike Week 2019

Bike Week 2020 - 6 to 14 June

Bike Week, delivered by Cycling UK, is an annual celebration to showcase cycling. Riding a bike can easily be a part of everyday life and Bike Week is here to inspire people all over the UK to give cycling a try.
Bike Week 2020 will be from Saturday 6 to Sunday 14 June!

Bike Week is a great opportunity to celebrate the social, health and environmental benefits of cycling.

Our aim is to get many more people across the UK to give cycling a try, encouraging people to get out on their bikes during Bike Week.

Any outing on a bike counts – whether that’s nipping round to a friend's house, cycling to work or school, enjoying a leisurely ride with the family or tackling a cycling challenge.

Cycling has many benefits and is enjoyed in many ways; the important thing is to get outside and enjoy a ride!


How you can get involved
Take part in Bike Week

Bike Week shines a light on everyday cycling for everyone. In 2020, Bike Week is set to add another 250,000 people to the 2.4 million who already cycle three times or more a week.

Across the UK, hundreds of great events will be taking place to help you enjoy cycling.

Bike Week events are suitable for people of all ages and levels of experience. There will be lots of different opportunities, such as family-friendly rides, bike maintenance, bike breakfasts and group rides, to name but a few.

It’s not too early to start planning your event! You can find out more about how to organise an event and what’s happening near you on our events pages.

Be part of the UK’s awareness-raising week for cycling by:
  • Taking part in an event or activity near you
  • Organising a bike ride for colleagues
  • Taking your kids to school by bike
  • Sharing your cycling experiences online
Why cycling is the solution
The facts

Cycling is incredible; it helps improve so many aspects of our lives.

It can greatly improve our physical and mental health as cycling is excellent exercise.

Environmentally, it helps address problems like air quality and pollution.

Economically, investing in cycling schemes has an excellent benefit-to-cost ratio meaning it saves more money than it costs.

Summertime is a fantastic time of year to rediscover cycling and the many benefits it brings.

It helps people meet recommended physical activity guidelines, improves well-being, and reduces the risk of premature death and ill-health. It can also fit into daily routines better than many other forms of exercise, because it doubles up as transport.

Check out Cycling UK’s statistics and facts about the many proven benefits of cycling.

Cycling has many benefits:
  • Cycling to work is linked with a 45% lower risk of developing cancer, and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • People who cycle regularly in adulthood enjoy a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger
  • If all cycle journeys increased from the current level of 2% to 25% by 2050, the collective benefit would be £248bn
Why life is better by bike
Cycling is fun

Each year, Bike Week shines a light on lots of different, enjoyable experiences people have while cycling.

As well as being an exciting leisure activity, using your bike to get around is a great form of transport and makes travelling from A to B much more fun.

We spoke to Josie Dew, Rob Ainsley, Roland Seber and Dan Joyce, who explained what makes their everyday journeys enjoyable by bike.

Around 4% of commuting trips are cycled each year, compared to 55% by car/van. Commutes can be made quicker and easier when done by bike.

Transport cycling is great for:
  • The school run
  • Shopping
  • Commuting
  • Business trips