group cycling
group cycling
Thank you to everyone who took part in this fantastic week of cycling. Tens of thousands of people headed out for a ride to celebrate. We hope it has got you ready for a fun summer of cycling. Join us in 2022 for some more fantastic Bike Week fun.
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This year thousands of people took part in the ultimate Bike Week challenge and tracked their daily updates on social media using hashtag #7daysofcycling.

Even though Bike Week has finished, why not give this a try, challenge yourself to ride for seven days in a row? 

If you have taken part and are looking for some inspiration, here are some new routes you can try. 

Why not give the challenge a go?
Go cycling or take part in a cycling-related activity and share a photo, video or story about your experience on Instagram or Twitter, using #BikeWeekUK and #7DaysofCycling so we know you have tried to complete the challenge Follow us on:
Bike Week #7daysofcycling
Well - connected

We're delighted to celebrate being back together, so are starting the challenge by celebrating wellness in relation to togetherness and connection.  As today is about the wonders of being together why not find a local cycling group you can join or head out for a ride with family and friends. Take part in your own way and show us how you got on.

Bike Week #7daysofcycling
Well up for it

Today is all about wellness in relation to challenge and adventure. There is always an adventure to be had on your bike, and if your short of ideas we've created an exciting list of challenges for you to try. Test your cycling limits and share your cycling stories with us, we'd love to know how many you were able to complete.

Bike Week #7daysofcycling
Well skilled

Why not take the opportunity to learn some new cycling skills or try something new - it could be anything from tackling that steep hill you've always wanted to ride to cycling to work for the first time. Take this day as a chance to discover the many different, fun and interesting ways you can enjoy cycling.

Bike Week #7daysofcycling
Well fit

Learn more about the amazing health benefits of cycling. Regular cycling keeps you fit and in shape - and it's fun so you won't even feel like your working out. We think it keeps you looking younger too!

Bike Week #7daysofcycling
Thursday 3 June: Well grounded

Make space in your day to head out for a ride and take time for yourself. Cycling can be fantastic for your mental wellbeing, it can help to de-stress and is linked to a reduction in depression. 

Bike Week #7daysofcycling
Well happy

You're almost at the end of your seven day cycling challenge, have you noticed how much it makes you happy. There is nothing quite like being out on your bike and at one with the outdoors.


Bike Week #7daysofcycling
Well for life

Well done for completing all seven days on your bike! What a great achievement. Did you switch any of the normal journeys you would take by car? Make sure to tell us you completed all seven days and share your photographs to #7daysofcycling.