Cycle Logistics

Transporting shopping by bike is practical and fun

Cycle Logistics

Is it really possible and practical to transport freight by cycle? CTC is involved in a european project to encourage more businesses to deliver by bike and trike.

CTC is part of a consortium involved in the European CycleLogistics project. It is  supported by Intelligent Energy Europe and the overall aims are to achieve a reduction in energy used in urban freight transport and to also help Cycle Logistics become a credible transport solution.

The three main areas CycleLogistics will target are:

Goods deliveries

CTC will work with existing bicycle delivery companies such as Outspoken Delivery in Cambridge and Gnewt Cargo in London, tapping into their expertise to help others improve and expand their service. We will assist them in reaching potential new customers such as mainstream delivery services like TNT or City Link.

The focus here is on ‘last mile’ delivery, cargo bikes taking over once the package has reached the urban environment.

Municipal services and small trade providers

There are already examples of cities across Europe where local government services, such as litter picking and maintenance of parks, and small trade services such as locksmiths, are carried out using a bicycle. 

CTC will be responsible for implementing test cases is the UK and will be able to provide cargo bikes and trailers to facilitate this.

Private goods transport

The final strand to the project is encouraging private individuals to use their bikes to transport personal goods such as shopping, or leisure equipment. 

CTC will also run a ‘Shop by Bike’ campaign and are planning that CTC Member Groups will also be involved in testing this out.

CTC Cycling Development Officers Gavin Wood and Elizabeth Barner are picking up on the work already completed by Sara Basterfield, and there is still a ton of work to be done.

How you can get involved

Gavin Wood said: "We are now entering the really interesting part of the project where we will be implementing some of the things mentioned above, and this will hopefully mean more cargo bikes in our towns and cities and more bikes parked up at our local supermarkets and shops."

I would be really interested to hear from any CTC members who currently use the car but might like to try shopping by bike, or perhaps those who run a local business who think they could provide their service using a bike.

Gavin Wood
CTC Cycling Development Officer

For more information please contact


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