The Cape Wrath Fellowship: the members

Part of the fun of getting to Cape Wrath is wee ferry - when it runs! Photo: Robert Spanring / Cycling UK

The Cape Wrath Fellowship: the members

An estimated 2,000 cyclists have joined the Cape Wrath Fellowship since it was founded in 1949 by Rex 'Ragged Staff' Coley. Here Cycling UK lists the current membership

The Cape Wrath Fellowship was founded and launched by Rex 'Ragged Staff' Coley back in 1949. Since then, each year has seen a steady stream of hardy cyclists joining the ranks of this illustrious and historical fellowship.

In 1992, CTC (Cycling UK's former name) took on the mantle of maintaining the records. Below is the full list of the illustrious Fellowship. There are some gaps however, as records have been mislaid over time, so if your name isn't down there and should be you can sign up again via the button below. 

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Members of the Cape Wrath Fellowship

Initial Last name Year
D Terence 2021
L Fieldhouse 2021
L Alldis 2020
D Walker 2020
A Hayes 2020
D Tremlett 2020
M Newbould 2020
P Waters 2020
M Evans 2020
A Bourne 2020
J McBride 2020
A Stewart 2020
T Sacharczuk 2020
R Stuart 2020
J Gray 2020
M Dougan 2020
H Weston 2020
E Forgan 2020
B Buck 2020
M Guy 2020
B Kaye 2020
J McWilliam 2020
B Armstrong 2020
D Cohen 2020
D Schopen 2020
T Gover-Jones 2020
M Briers 2020
N Rainbow 2020
D Dalla Valle 2020
P Gratton 2020
A Stevenson 2020
O Monaghan-Coombs 2020
W Calvert 2020
R Taylor 2020
H Shaw 2020
D Gratton 2020
R Howard 2020
J Murphy 2020
C Duncan 2020
S MacLellan 2020
K Pyke 2020
G Beardow 2020
E Wormald 2020
J Walsh 2020
S Rannie 2020
R Bowler 2020
C Herbert 2020
D Else 2020
J Peate 2020
C Williams 2020
D Rout 2020
J Walsh 2020
A McLinden 2020
S Gosling 2020
A Murphy 2020
A Boyd 2020
B Rout 2020
N Lee 2020
J Hodgson 2020
G Mason 2020
D Dorosz 2020
N Weston 2020
M Cooper 2020
S Walker 2020
J Hodgson 2020
S Hogg 2020
R Walker 2020
C Weston 2020
C Bourne 2020
S Anderson 2020
C Oliver 2020
T Seipp 2020
S Whitley 2020
J Alagarajah 2020
S Findley 2020
P Oliver 2020
R Seipp 2020
D Cooper 2020
A Manchester 2020
J MacLellan 2020
M Erasmus 2020
Z Costello 2020
C Cooper 2020
M Klems 2020
E MacLellan 2020
G Melia 2020
G Brain 2020
R Cooper 2020
T Johnstone 2020
F Jardine 2020
H Fawcett 2020
P Berry 2019
L Moore 2019
N Mackay 2019
C Walker 2019
L Drake-Wilkes 2019
R Nicol 2019
S Dee 2019
N Drake-Wilkes 2019
R Craig 2019


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