All about Assemble, our new volunteer platform

Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19
Assemble will help us and all our amazing volunteers to be better connected
Riders talking to each other. Photo by Robbie Spanring, Cycling UK
Riders talking to each other. Photo by Robbie Spanring, Cycling UK
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All about Assemble, our new volunteer platform

Cycling UK has an ambitious mission of enabling a million more people in this country to cycle. We have invested heavily in our volunteers over the past few years as we cannot do this alone - we need people like you to help. Now, we are about to launch our new volunteer platform Assemble.

What is Assemble?

Assemble can be used for recruiting, managing and communicating with Cycling UK's volunteers. Assemble will also help our volunteers with everyday jobs such as creating tasks and activities for other volunteers, reading the latest volunteer news and views, logging volunteer hours, and much more. Assemble is powerful volunteer management software used by many leading charities such as Parkinson's, Save the Children and Barnado's to recruit, manage and retain volunteers. Cycling UK purchased the application in 2019 and has been busy using and testing it ever since.

It can be used alongside our other digital tools for groups

Who is Assemble for?

Assemble is for all Cycling UK's volunteers, both those that volunteer at our National Office in Guildford, performing many essential admin tasks, and those who run cycling groups and campaigns out in the community. We also have national volunteers such as photographers, people running our forum, and those helping out at events. In total we have about 9,000 registered volunteers, as well as many more who take on 'micro volunteering' tasks such as supporting our campaigns by writing letters to politicians and so on. 

What can Assemble do?

Assemble can be used by the charity's staff, as well as by our volunteers themselves, for many tasks and activities such as:

  • applying for opportunities
  • logging volunteer hours 
  • communicating with and co-ordinating other volunteers
  • sharing documents and files
  • tracking projects and much more

When is Assemble being launched?

Assemble will be officially launched at the end of January, with several phases according to whether you look after other volunteers or not: 

First phase: Friday 31 January 2020

Once you have a log-in to Assemble, you will be able to:

  • update your profile to let others know all about you
  • connect with other volunteers in your area through the Directory
  • find resources and support in our Document Hub
  • get inspired reading articles in the News section

Second phase: Sunday 16 February 2020  

Once you know your team on Assemble, you will be able to:

  • log your activities and hours
  • create tasks, events and rotas for other volunteers (if you are a Volunteer Co-ordinator such as a Member Group Secretary and your volunteers have been onboarded)

Third phase: Friday 28 February - Volunteer Co-ordinators only

You will now be able to:

  • create opportunities for other volunteers
  • reward and recognise volunteers

Fourth phase: Friday 6 March - Volunteer Co-ordinators only

We will send out details of our training roadshows, where you will be invited to come along and find out all about using Assemble.

Fifth phase: autumn 2020 - Volunteer Co-ordinators only

We will show you how to:

  • add, edit and remove volunteers to Assemble

How do I find out more?

We will be providing full training to everyone who uses Assemble through our national roadshows (dates below), guides and FAQs. So don't worry, it's very simple to use and completely compliant with current (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulations. Assemble also has a Help section with Users' Guides - you need to be logged in to see these.

National Roadshow for Cycling Groups

These early evening regional workshops will be for anybody who runs a Cycling UK group, whether a Member or Affiliated Group, or a Community Cycle Club. We will take you through the resources, tools, and processes available to you so that you can get more people cycling. Find out how to use Assemble and our other digital tools to co-ordinate your volunteers, browse the Document Hub and log your volunteering hours. There's also the chance to meet and chat to your fellow volunteers and enjoy some tasty refreshments too!

The dates are as follows:

Friday 24 April - Guildford, Surrey

Wednesday 13 May - Inverness

Friday 15 May - Edinburgh

Friday 5 June - Nottingham

Wednesday 8 July - Newcastle

Friday 21 August - Birmingham

How do I get started?

If you are already a Volunteer Co-ordinator (that is a Cycling UK Member Group Secretary or Community Cycle Club Volunteer Contact), you have already been on boarded (registered) on the system so you just need to create a log-in (click on Forgot Password). Once you have logged in, you will then be able to access your profile, which you can customise with a photo plus other details about yourself. You will have already been assigned to a 'role profile' according to your role.

If you are not in either of the above categories, you should contact Cycling UK's Volunteering Team and we can then help you get started. 

Glossary of terms used in Assemble                                                          

Activity – anything you do connected with your volunteering, for example time spent organising an event, setting up a ride leader rota, and so on

Assignee – the person a task is given to

Dashboard – your home page on Assemble where you can see all the activities you and your team have been doing, plus see messages and notifications

Directory – this is similar to an address book, where you can search for staff members and other volunteers in the organisation​ that perform the same role as you or have particular skills and interests

Document Hub – a one-stop shop where you can find all the resources you need  to perform your role

Micro volunteering – a short volunteering task

Onboarding – registering a volunteer on Assemble

Opportunity – a volunteering vacancy either in a specific area eg a Bike Mechanic role in Bognor or available nationally, for example a communications officer role

Reward and recognition – a way of acknowledging and thanking volunteers for everything they do

Role profile – the role that is assigned to you as a volunteer, for example Ride Leader or Volunteer Photographer.  We have a list of recognised roles attached but let us know if you cannot find the role you perform

Signup Code – you may need this code to be able to access Assemble. It will be sent to you by a Cycling UK staff member

Tasks – specific volunteering assignments that you can choose to take on. For example, if you are a Volunteer Photographer, we might set you a task to see if you would be able to take romantic photos of cyclists for Valentine's Day.

Teams – a group or network you are a member of on Assemble. For example, you may belong to a team called Dorchester CTC and also a team of ride leaders. We have a list of teams ranging from Member Groups to Cycling UK staff-led teams to teams of Campaigners, as well as geographical teams and others

Touchpoint – a record of all the communications you have with a volunteer, if you are a member of Cycling UK staff

User profile – your own profile on Assemble containing information about you such as your skills and interests, roles and responsibilities, any training you’ve done and so on

Velocheer – our newsletter for all volunteers, which can be found in the News section of Assemble

Volunteer Coordinator – a volunteer who looks after a team of other volunteers, for example a Member Group Secretary or Community Cycle Club Volunteer Contact


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You too can champion cycling in the UK
You too can champion cycling in the UK
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