10 easy ways you can help improve cycling

Are you pressed for time? Support cycling with some small but invaluable tasks
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10 easy ways you can help improve cycling

Microvolunteering is a great opportunity for you to support the important work we do on behalf of cyclists everywhere, without taking up much of your valuable cycling time.

Would you like to support us in encouraging more people to cycle but feel you are too busy to volunteer? Microvolunteering is your chance to make a difference in a quick and easy way.

But what is microvolunteering? It refers to bite-sized tasks which support a good cause and can be done anytime and anywhere.

Take a look at our suggestions below. There should be something for everyone so start microvolunteering now!

  1. Ask your employer to become a Cycle Friendly Employer. Don’t forget to tell us about it if they do!  
  2. Check out our County Cycling Guides and see if there's anything you could add to make them even better.
  3. Join in the discussions on our forum and give people the benefit of your cycling knowledge.
  4. If you're a volunteer already, submit a case study for our Volunteering page or send us a story for Velocheer, our newsletter for and about our amazing volunteers.
  5. Follow Cycling UK on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and tell a friend to follow us too.
  6. If you belong to one of our groups, register an event or ride on the Cycling UK Events Guide.
  7. Contact your local cycle group and offer to lead a ride, help with communications or suggest a good route.
  8. Report potholes using Fillthathole or download the apps for Android or iPhone
  9. Show your support for our Too Close for Comfort campaign by buying a limited edition Dave Walker mug
  10. If you're really short of time, why not donate money instead to support the invaluable work our volunteers do on behalf of cyclists everywhere?

Find out more about volunteering for cycling

If you have a little more time, even if it's just a few hours a week, there's lots of volunteering opportunities within Cycling UK. You could make a real difference to the lives of others by enabling them to cycle more, more safely, find new friends and have a lot of fun too!

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You too can champion cycling in the UK
You too can champion cycling in the UK
Give your support today to help Cycling UK’s charitable work tomorrow. We double every pound you give through other sources to help change lives and communities through cycling.