Who is on the Board of Trustees

Dan Howard

Who is on the Board of Trustees

Meet the Cycling UK Board of Trustees

Trustee election results November 2018

We were pleased to receive such a large number of high quality applications and we are delighted to announce that Christine Gibbons, Jaki Lowe, Paul Baker, Andy Macnae and Melanie Carroll have been elected to serve on the board of Trustees from January 2019.  Full details are available below.  Trustees Welna Bowden, Jonathan Naughton, Ian Wescombe and Ian McCabe are leaving the board at the end of 2018 and we thank them for their significant contribution over many years, especially Welna who has served on our board since 2010.

Our Articles of Association specify that only individuals who are members of Cycling UK are permitted to be included on the ballot paper and an oversight resulted in one candidate being on the ballot paper who was not eligible. The ballot results have been carefully analysed and we are satisfied, on balance, that this error would not have changed those who have been elected.  The procedure for the nomination and election or appointment of Trustees is being reviewed to avoid similar failures in the future and identify opportunities for wider improvements.

We thank all of our members who voted and we look forward to welcoming our new trustees at such an exciting time for Cycling UK as we look to deliver our new strategy, supporting millions more people to cycle.

Dan Howard - Chair

Dan lives in Staffordshire and has a background in ICT management and leadership. He currently works as Deputy Head of Information Management and Technology for an NHS Trust.

Dan's involvement in Cycling UK began in the early 1990s, when he started cycling as a teenager with Kidderminster CTC in Worcestershire, and he has been an active member ever since. He starting cycling for the same reasons he still cycles; as a mode of transport, to spend leisure time with friends and to explore new places by bike. He enjoys different types of cycling, including Audax, time trialling, commuting and touring.

Dan became a trustee in January 2012. Dan is keen to develop Cycling UK's strategic direction and corporate image, especially growing the organisation by supporting member groups, engaging with a wide range of new and existing cyclists and helping Cycling UK further influence government policy concerning cycling as a key component of a wider transport policy.

In January 2014 Dan Howard was elected Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Dan’s vision for Cycling UK is clear and unambiguous: “I want as many people as possible to enjoy cycling, whatever they choose to ride and whatever type of cycling they enjoy. To achieve this, it is important that we remain focused on three groups: our current and future members and supporters, our staff, and our partners with whom we work to deliver our vision and strategy.”