Mark Hagger

Mark Hagger

Volunteer of the Year for Scotland, Mark Hagger.

Mark has done great work over the years as Right-to-Ride rep for Aberdeenshire, and is one of the most active reps, always ready to raise new issues and respond to current initiatives.

He has represented cycling interests at the long-running public inquiry into the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Road (AWPR). This involves confronting the might of the Transport Scotland team, not least their formidable (by all accounts!) QC, not only to oppose the road in principle but also to argue for the creation of a cycle route in parallel with the new road if built, since cyclists would be banned from it.

He scored points by, at one critical stage, exposing the QC's ignorance: she claimed there was no precedent for cycling provision, but Mark was able to refer to the Trunk Road Cycling Initiative of 1996, which promised that cycling provision would be taken into account in all new trunk road schemes, and which is still in force. I suppose the QC could be forgiven for not knowing of it - even most of us had forgotten about it!

To make a written submission to a PLI takes a lot of work, but to actually participate, and be prepared to stand in the firing line, takes an extra dimension of guts and determination.