John Bennett

Volunteer of the Year for West Midlands, John Bennett

John Bennett

Volunteer of the Year for West Midlands, John Bennett.

John is a true CTC stalwart. He leads rides and helps organise CTC Membership Group Heart of England, formerly Southern Wheelers, doing all that we expect of a top class volunteer, and bringing great credit to the Club.

Beyond this, John has taken a great interest in cycle campaigning in Birmingham, which is not the most cycle friendly of cities. He plays a key role in Pushbikes, the long established local campaign group, and has helped it to become a very respected and influential lobbying group and contributor to improving cycling facilities. John brings to this role, along with his significant presence on the Cycling Advisory Group, just the sort of constructive, patient engagement that will bring results. He has also begun to approach the local PCTs to try to build a relationship between public health and the health benefits of cycling. John deals with setbacks with wisdom and good sense and is always willing to search out potential opportunities to move things forward.

John is a great ambassador for cycling and for CTC’s claim to be the most experienced and committed source of expertise and good sense in representing and repositioning cycling in public life.