CTC Dumfries & Galloway Group

Runner-up of the CTC Volunteer Group of the Year for Scotland, CTC Dumfries & Galloway Group

CTC Dumfries & Galloway Group

Runner-up of the CTC Volunteer Group of the Year for Scotland, CTC Dumfries & Galloway Group.

CTC Dumfries and Galloway Members Group, as it is now, really goes back 22 years to the resurgence of Group leisure cycling in 1986. Some cyclists got together and floated the Galloway Cycling Group. This Group was initially independent, though affiliated to CTC, in order to keep subs down to appeal more widely in such a relatively sparsely populated area.

With time, the number of non-CTC members fell off and the affiliation status was regarded as insufficient for purpose. So, the Group became a Section of Glasgow DA.

With the recent re-organisation of local groups, D&G jumped at the chance to report direct to UK office, so took on the title at the head of this citation.

From the beginning, the Group has held Sunday rides throughout the region. Resulting from Bike Week events in 2002, it was realised that shorter rides were needed to tap another layer of cycling, hence Discovery Rides were born. These are generally in the 12-18 miles range, always in an area of condensed heritage or scenery features, and explore even more of the area.

The Group also plays its full part in cycling representation vis-à-vis the Council and other agencies: its volunteers were the mainstay of the 2006 Birthday Rides in Dumfries, a result of which was recognition by the Council and the Forestry Commission in the form of on road and off-road CTC-branded routes. The Group will also play a part in the Original Bicycle Festival to be staged around Dumfries in May 2009.

Since its inception of the Discovery rides, the Group has built up a band of volunteers who wanted to do more than just go for cycle rides: a desire emerged to do even more to attract less confident cyclists to get involved.

So, in June 2008 the Group launched Wheely-Easy rides. These are just for a handful of miles on a Saturday afternoon, with the same day, same time, same place formula. So far they have been confined to D&G’s biggest conurbation, Dumfries, which fortunately has a reasonable network of cycle routes and quiet roads handy. Obviously, such a venture is weather sensitive, and there was some weather in 2008!. However, numbers have been quite satisfactory, with a good mix of generations (even three of one family!). This has lead the volunteers to aim to start up again in 2009.