Terry Ratcliffe

CTC Volunteer of the Year for North East England, Terry Ratcliffe

Terry Ratcliffe

CTC Volunteer of the Year for North East England, Terry Ratcliffe.

Terry is a lifelong cyclist, a Right to Ride Representative and represents the CTC on the Highways Agency Road Users Consultative Committee Northern Region. He is a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers and has been involved in the design and maintenance of highways for over 40 years.

He uses this experience to represent CTC and cycling on many highway schemes. In particular he has been campaigning for cyclists facilities and a safe crossings in relation to a section of the A1 in North Yorkshire which is to be upgraded to motorway status. He has surveyed local cyclists and presented the findings to the Highways Agency, emphasising that their data is flawed as a result of the effective long term blockage of this crossing of the A1. He is particularly concerned about the apparent desire of the Highways Agency to reduce the number of crossing points over trunk roads thus directing cyclists along busy roads to major junctions.

He has led similar campaigns on routes such as the A19 again arguing that the trunk road system is carving up the country into segments which are safely accessible only to motor vehicles. As a result of the objections from Terry and local residents the MP for Richmond, William Hague, has added his support and The Highways Agency has now agreed to provide a bridge at this A19 crossing.