Mike Harrison

Volunteer of the Year and winner of the Moss Medallion for Services to CTC (Scotland), Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison

Volunteer of the Year and winner of the Moss Medallion for Services to CTC (Scotland), Mike Harrison.

Mike became active in CTC Lothians DA and in CTC Scotland 7 years ago and immediately made a big impact. Since then his energy and his willingness to take on almost any job at short notice has been a remarkable contribution, both nationally and locally.

His award for 2006 reflects his unique contribution after he was seriously injured in an accident after the CTC National Dinner in April.

Since then he has made a gradual recovery but remains wheelchair bound and has had to move to a specially modified flat. However during his recovery one of his major concerns remained his commitment to CTC Scotland, in particular to the 2006 Birthday Rides in Dumfries for which he was co-ordinator of the organising committee.

Despite giving up all his formal roles it was clear that Mike was not going to let go of his links. Once he was able to use his arms he asked for his laptop computer which he operated while lying flat. This he used to complete the handbook for the Birthday Rides which was used to pull the whole event together, and to maintain the Rides web site.

His fortitude in the face of adversity, and his continued positive outlook despite circumstances which might defeat lesser men, has also been inspirational. He is making a good recovery, and is once again making a contribution to cycling interests, for example restarting as the editor of CTC Scotland’s 'Cycle Talk’ and the CTC Scotland and Lothians CTC web sites. He has recently been re-elected to the vital post of Secretary of CTC Scotland, a role he only gave up to become a national councillor.

Mike was unable to attend the CTC Annual Dinner to recieve his award from CTC President Jon Snow so colleagues from CTC Scotland recorded a special presentation which was broadcast at the dinner.