Liz Bowgett

Third Place, CTC Volunteer of the Year (London), Liz Bowgett

Liz Bowgett

Third Place, CTC Volunteer of the Year (London), Liz Bowgett.

In 2002 Liz Bowgett started work as a teacher at the New City Primary in Newham, East London.

Within weeks she had volunteered to take over the organisation of the school’s cycling proficiency programme.

Today that programme has grown into the New City Cycling Club. This group operates in an area with very low incomes, with widely diverse communities and an inner city environment yet it provides a wide range of cycling activities for its pupils and parents. There is an under 5s club, a range of day rides and regular holidays to the CTC Wales Festival of Cycling as well as the core cycle training programme. Children with special needs are also included in most activities.

Liz is the person who has made all that happen. She has raised the money, recruited the children and parents, organised the activities, bought the bikes and bike sheds and leads the holidays. She has qualified as a CTC Approved Cycling Instructor herself and motivated many others to act as instructors, leaders and mechanics.

New City is now a Newham Cycling Centre for Excellence and is to receive over £100,000 in support of its cycling activities.